Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekly Report 3/13-3/19


  • The weekend was rather mathy! First of all R started building a dollhouse for B. B is totally enthralled by this and is building her own dollhouse from wood scraps right alongside him. They spent much of the weekend together in the garage working away. He had her learning how to use the protractor in measuring and I overheard her talking very knowingly about degrees of angles.
  • R also had J do some trig problems to help with designing the dollhouse.
  • Sunday was 3/14 - Pi day! We ate pie and S and B learned what 3.14159 is. They made posters (on their own; I didn't ask them to).
  • On Sat. morning W announced he'd finished composing his piece for piano and violin. I was blown away by it! His piano teacher is playing the piano part and W called a girl we know who plays violin and she's going to play the violin. I think W is recording it to show to teachers at Berklee this summer.
  • Monday - B and S played with puppets, did more jumproping (a sudden passion of S's) and watched Between the Lions.
  • B is suddenly playing with an old Lego set (a girlie set with ponies)
  • B's been relistening to C.S. Lewis' The Horse and His Boy
  • J is still reading The Fellowship of the Ring
  • B played on Starfall a lot
  • S is obsessed with jump roping
  • B made stamps out of cardboard, rubber bands and glue. She glues the rubberband in shapes on the cardboard. Then she colors with marker to make the print.
  • Beautiful weather, kids played outside lots and lots
  • S made a sock puppet.
  • W went to meet his piano teacher and a professional violinist the teacher knows (White House Orchestra and National Symphony!!!!!) to record W's piece for piano and violin. So cool!
  • J went to CLC
  • S is very into learning about stop motion animations. He's been going to this website to learn about it. He's also been playing with clay a lot.
  • B got into a cleaning mood and cleaned up the screen porch!
  • W and S worked on music theory
  • J went to first 4H event - learning gun safety and how to shoot a shotgun
  • Read B and S Theater Shoes
  • W went to concert with his piano teacher
  • B collected some deer bones she found in the woods: a jawbone with teeth, two ribs, something that looks like a shoulder blade? and another bone that looks like a leg bone?
  • Friday (projected) - B and S and I are finishing the Egyptian Mummy Cases we started last Friday. If we still have time, we'll make seder plates (coloring on paper plates) and I'll read about Passover.
  • This afternoon we have our homeschool Talent Show. None of my kids are in it this year. I guess J's surgery just knocked that idea right out of our lives. B regrets this. She recited a poem last year and S did also and played a piano piece. W is MC'ing. He did it last year and he's such a natural comedian, everybody loved him and asked him to do it again!
  • Tonight we are going to our church's Stations of the Cross for kids/pizza night. B loves it. S is getting a tad too old for it, I think.
  • Sunday, J and I sat down and I told him all we'd learned about the 3rd declension in Latin class. Then we managed to do a little bit of homework.
  • Monday - B and S did WWE
  • B practiced math facts with Math It; S did some work on fractions and some review problems in Saxon L. 39
  • B and S and I studied some new Greek words in our workbook
  • J watched the netflixed movie of Oedipus Rex
  • J and I watched lecture on History of Plate Motions - the Atlantic is widening, the Pacific will close up. Africa is rapidly moving north and closing up the Mediterranean sea. Australia is going to smash into China at some point!
  • J and I worked on Latin homework
  • W went to guitar lessons, S went to piano
  • Tuesday - Latin class - J was so uncomfortable and didn't pay attention at all. He didn't go to his math tutor
  • B and S did cursive, spelling/phonics and math
  • J, S and I watched more of Teaching the Classics
  • J and I watched lecture two on West. Civ - History Starts with Sumer
  • B went to gymnastics
  • Wednesday - B did her WWE very well and then balked at learning to tell time in math.
  • S did his copy work from WWE then read from M. Burns book I Hate Mathematics. Did a bit of work in his Latin workbook; practiced piano
  • J did his logic lesson
  • J reviewed answers he got wrong on his last Alg. test he took 3 weeks ago.
  • Read aloud to S and B about Alexander the Great from Before America
  • J and I watched lecture on Egyptians
  • B and S did WWE
  • B worked on telling time for a few minutes
  • S worked in his Latin workbook reviewing vocabulary
  • J took some dictation from me (from Intro to the Devout Life)
  • J and I watched next science lecture on the continent of North America
  • J and I read Aeneid - more of Book 1
  • Did a tiny bit of math with S about angles and protractors
  • Read about Louisiana Purchase from Time Traveler's
  • Friday - W went to his Music Composition class
  • J needs to study for science quiz and then go to his Intro to Chem class this afternoon. He'll miss the Talent Show.
  • At some point this evening (after Talent Show and before Stations - we need to sit down and do some Latin. Tons of homework to do!


Diana said...

The first line, where the older is building the younger a doll house made my heart happy. I love hearing about those kind of things, and I think it shows one of the greatest parts of homeschooling! Sounds like a very full week! :)

Des said...

yay!!! for the dollhouse building, you must post a picture when it's done, i'd love to see it. Glad you guys had a good week.