Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekly Report 3/8 - 3/12

  • Read next Chapter of King of the Golden City to B and S. S gets the allegory; B is puzzled often by it.
  • WWE copywork and narration
  • Greek Decoder - studied vowel diphthongs some more
  • Math - B did two subtraction word problems in MCP and S worked on lesson 35 in Saxon which coincidentally was also about subtraction word problems
  • Both B and S drew pictures, played with puppets and played outside quite a bit (weather was lovely!); they also took S's camera and were trying to make a movie but got frustrated when it ran out of batteries and they couldn't find the recharger!
  • J and I took the last NLE practice exam
  • J took his NLE this a.m. The teacher came over. Then he played on the computer some and then he crashed and took a long nap; woke up completely out of it.
  • W is on spring break. Played lots of music
  • H got up and went to lunch with a friend; then proceeded to summer job hunt.
  • Took S to piano lessons and wrote thank you notes while I waited. Then I took a walk. Spring is in the air!
  • J was completely knocked out when I got home. He slept from about 3 to 6 when I woke him up because I was afraid he wouldn't sleep tonight.
  • S is being tormented by a very loose tooth.
  • B and S put on a 'circus' in the front yard doing a mime act.
  • W and I went to take the NLE but I drove to the wrong library! So we wound up arriving a half hour late. But we still finished before the end. I think I got 100%. Of course this is the intro level so it is pretty darn easy.
  • R read Mysterious Benedict Society and I read a bit of Theater Shoes
  • J stayed home from Latin class. It was a great class though.
  • B and S did some penmanship, and math, neither got to their phonics/spelling though. They drew a lot of pictures and then played outside during the class. The weather was gorgeous!
  • After lunch worked with B on her phonics and S on his spelling.
  • J was really out of it today.
  • W and I talked to the rep from College Plus about the possibility of having him take clep tests and clep into some college credits instead of going to the Comm. Coll. which he really hates. Looks like it might be a real option!
  • S was all out of sorts so I let him watch a movie (Mr Magorium's Magic Emporium), even though he's been trying to give up screen for Lent (except for animating.)
  • S and B played outside some more.
  • B went to gymnastics
  • H slept in, trying to get over her cold, went to lunch with another friend. Dinner was nice R came home for dinner on a weeknight! And all seven of us sat around the table.
  • Read more Mysterious Benedict Society and Theater Shoes
  • B and S played much of the morning planning and playing with puppets and making videos
  • We did WWE, S did very well on his dictation.
  • We watched Lesson 19 in LfC to review since we hadn't done it in two weeks
  • Did very short Saxon lesson on drawing fractions with S. B worked on her Math It
  • Went to VT; B and S both read aloud to me in the waiting room while the other was seeing the therapist
  • We went to Michael's and got clay and sewing supplies and lots of odds and endsy things. In the discount aisle the kids found two little puppets which they immediately fell in love with. One boy and one girl puppet.
  • J started reading Oedipus Rex this a.m. I netflixed the movie version of it.
  • J took himself to bed to read Fellowship of the Ring
  • W has been practicing lots of music and working on Writeguide
  • H is still fighting the nasty cough she's got. Slept late, got up, cleaned kitchen, went grocery shopping with me, then went out with friend to drink coffee and do her reading for college.
  • Watched next lecture on Sumatran Earthquake with J
  • Read about Ancient Greek culture from Before America to B and S
  • R read Mysterious Benedict Society
  • Read next ch. in Theater Shoes.
  • B and S played with puppets again almost all morning. Didn't start formal stuff until 11:00
  • S did WWE, next lesson in Saxon on fractions, mixed numbers and number lines. He was having fun.
  • I read the synopsis of the first lesson in our Time Travelers early 19th c. Am. Hist unit. B was booorrrreeed. Next time I'll read it myself and retell it making it more interesting. Reading it straight from the cd wasn't great. It was interesting learning about the Barbary Pirates. I knew very little about that. I sang them the Marine Hymn.
  • B, tho' was in a bad mood and balking at doing any work. Then she announced she had a headache to the point where she didn't want to to Little Flowers this p.m. This is unheard of! She loves LF! So that told me she really wasn't being difficult, she truly didn't feel up to snuff.
  • J did his logic lesson
  • J finished reading Oedipus Tyrannus
  • J and I watched the first lecture in Foundations of Western Civ.
  • J, S and I watched more Teaching the Classics - literary style
  • S did more of Ch. 19 in LfC - we reviewed present, imperfect, future, 1st & 2nd declensions and vocabulary
  • B and S watched Prince of Egypt - Passover's coming!
  • Read Mysterious Benedict Society
  • Read Theater Shoes
  • S finished up the short Roald Dahl book he was reading (Giraffes, Pelicans and . . . can't quite remember the title!).
Friday (projected!)
  • S needs to do his music theory lesson
  • Socratic discussion for J
  • Art club for S and B - we'll be learning about Joseph in Egypt and then beginning to make mummy cases
  • If J is up for it, he'll go to the Intro to Science class this afternoon
  • W has no class today - spring break
  • H went off very early this a.m. for a job interview. She's trying to get work as a camp counselor for the county's summer camps.


Kash said...

Sounds like a nice busy week!

Des said...

I love reading about your weeks, they are always so full

Daisy said...

What a fun week! LOL. I don't know how you keep up with all of it. ;-)

BTW, I clepped several general courses in college. It was a smart option. Saved me a lot of money.

Moonbeam said...

Y'all had a really full week. Keep us informed on the job search.