Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Ponderings and Planning

Okay, so I'm planning again. Not that my plans usually come to fruition the way I think they will, but it is the way I think things through. Things are up in the air a bit because I and some other ladies are trying to come up with a co-op for next year. It is a spin off from the Socratic Group/Art club we've been doing this year. I think it will happen is some way, shape or form. I just don't know exactly what subjects will be covered. I'm pretty sure that the Art club will also expand to include a book club. We may also add in other things like Geography, Science and poetry/Shakespeare. So I'm going to have to hold off and completely planning things because I really want the co-op to work. Part of me is doubtful though because so often in the pass things have not worked out.

Sean wants to go to school. He's bored. And he is influenced by his very smart friend who goes to school. And I think he feels a need to be more structured as well, even though he resists it a lot. So I'm thinking of relying somewhat on Kolbe next year for his 6th grade. I want to prepare him to go to school if he is inclined that way as he gets older and nearer to high school. So the Kolbe stuff would be:

Religion - I liked their Religion plans that I used with J in 8th grade. We didn't get half of it done and we did lots of it orally, but it was very edifying and satisfying to sit down about once a week and go over the readings and the questions informally. It was nice to have the syllabus and lesson plans to guide us in that. So I think that might be a good thing for S.

Math - we are already doing Saxon 6/5. I think we'll continue as much as possible in that, really gunning on it through mid-June and then lightly over the summer. And we'll start up fresh with 7/6 in the fall. There is so much review and repetition, I do not foresee a problem.

Reading/Literature - S and I have started up a book club between ourselves. Right now we are reading Island of the Blue Dolphin together. I hope to do this a couple more times this summer. Then the co-op book club can take over. That'll have him reading, I hope!

Writing - I think I might skip to WWE4 for S. WWE2 is a bit easy for him and it is time to step up the challenge in 6th grade. WWE4 is supposed to be 4th or 5th graders but SWB is very advanced in my view, so I think WWE4 will be excellent for 6th.

Spelling - I might use Kolbe's lesson plans for Vocab and Spelling. J really enjoyed the Sadlier Oxford book. I think S might too.

Grammar - Grammar gets covered in part by WWE. Also since we are doing Latin and Greek, he'll get grammar through that.

Latin - Latin for Children B (might be finishing up A at the beginning of the year)

Greek - Song School Greek - this is easy and fun but definitely teaches one Greek!

Science - if we wind up not doing any science in the co-op then I am very tempted to use Kolbe's Cambridge Life Science. I think in order for S to feel busier and more on par with his peers adding in formal science might be a good idea.

Geography - again if we don't do Geography in the co-op then maybe I'll used Kolbe's plans for Geography for S. I think he might enjoy doing the workbook they have.

History - History will be done with B. I'm thinking of doing BFbooks Western Expansion unit instead of Time Travelers which hasn't gotten off the ground at all. I can combine this with OM's 4th grade which covers the same time period. Also we are going to continue studying the Romans. Since we are going to Rome next May, I also want to study Italian history a bit. So I'd like to touch on the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Becky -

B is a different story! She is completely unwilling to do anything anymore! However, I really need to keep her busy because she gets out of control. I'm thinking she might love getting a box from OM with all her own books in it. The 4th grade OM program overlaps really nicely with my plans for S.

Religion - might just continue reading Bible History out loud at breakfast, occasional saint books and also get her a subscription to Magnifikids.

Math - OM math looks perfect!

Reading/literature - Book club for B, also I'd like to keep up working on phonics/VT. OM has me reading classic lit aloud to her, though many we've already read. I'll have her practice reading aloud to me once a week, if she'll let me.

Spelling/grammar/writing - all from OM

Latin - I'm just not sure what to do about this. B's been listening in on Latin with S, enough to get some familiarity but not enough to really know things. I could just have her listen in some more or I could try to have her study it herself. However, I don't know she'd enjoy going back over the LfC stuff or not. If not what else? If I did Song School Latin,would that be confusing while also doing Song School Greek?

Greek - maybe I should just let B listen in on Latin but really focus on Greek via Song School Greek.

Geography - co-op and/or OM which has lots of Geography in it.

History - RA about Rome/Italy. OM overlaps a lot with the BFbooks Western Expansion unit, so we could pick and choose between them. Lots of hands on projects for B to enjoy.

Science - co-op or OM science overlaps with Kolbe's Life Science for 6th, so again we could bounce back and forth between those resources and come up with a nice study of animals.

Art - Art club but also OM has lots of art in it.

Music - I think both kids will be on hiatus from music lessons next year, but OM has recorder duets. I can see both kids getting into that.

So that's what I'm thinking right now.

Next year it looks like J will be away at classes a lot. So I'm going to have to coordinate that into our daily lives. Plus, hopefully we'll be very involved in 4H.

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Karen E. said...

This is how I plan, too, Faith -- think, sift, list, ponder, review ... lather, rinse, repeat. :) Your ideas sound great.

Do you find it hard to integrate the outside classes or having one in school with the home part of homeschooling?