Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weekly Report 4/10 - 4/17/10


  • S had a great weekend. His friend spent the night, then when R came home from skeet shooting with J Sat a.m., he took everybody out to putt putt golf. Weather was gorgeous.
  • J did his 4H shooting sports on Sat - turns out the kick of the shotgun is a bit too much for his recovering back. I think he was disappointed. R now loves skeet shooting!
  • Sun - R took B and S out on the boat with him. Unfortunately, the dr said J can't go on the boat. When R goes on plane the bouncing is too violent for his back. J and I hung out at home. He helped me with some housework. We went to 5:30 p.m. Mass and then picked W up from airport.
  • W had great weekend with H and now really, really can't wait to go away to college! Or at least away this summer.
  • W slept, I guess recovering from his weekend.
  • J did lots of math and Latin and read Aeneid
  • B woke up with sore throat and feeling cranky and under the weather, so I've not pushed her to do schooly work.
  • S did Greek and WWE. We never got to math! S went to piano lesson (W took him)
  • I spent a lot of time preparing for my RE class. Only two more classes. I can't wait til its over!
  • R stopped reading Aeneid to the kids. Said they weren't engaged. I think he gave up too soon. But I'll read it to them when we finish Augustus Caesar's World. Instead he started reading them Detectives in Togas which they are enjoying.

  • I turned 50 today! I'm old!
  • R got me a grandfather clock. So handsome and Victorian looking. I love it. I've already decided it will be B's when I pass on someday. Since she's the youngest and will live with it the longest of all the kids, God willing. The couple who delivered the clock loves clocks and they gave a very nice lesson to B and S on how the clock, chimes and pendulum all work. Science for the day?????
  • I didn't go to Latin class (again) because R wanted me to be there when the clock was delivered.
  • J and W went to Latin class. We've started the Passive voice! Eek! For some reason the passive voice has always scared the patooties out of me!
  • S did some Latin, a division facts sheet and some dictation.
  • B still had sore throat so I gave her books to look at. She especially enjoyed looking through the Reader's Digest book on North American Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians. She was especially interested in the bats! I dug up a Where's Jesus book (like Where's Waldo) and she spent a lot of time with that as well.
  • Took J to his math tutor. She only gave him one lesson for homework because they had gone through the previous 4 very thoroughly and apparently they are hitting tough stuff right now.
  • R got Chinese carry out so I wouldn't have to cook dinner. And a white choc. b-day cake from the bakery.
  • H called from UD to wish me happy birthday.
  • We went to our first 4H business meeting, just J and S and I. B stayed home w/R cuz of her throat. Went to get into the van and I had a flat tire! Had to take R's car. Mtg was interesting to me. S and J didn't understand it because we got there a few minutes late. It is run by the kids using Roberts Rules of Order. New experience for them.
  • S gave B his Mutts comic book collection and was helping her read the comics to herself. She was very pleased by both his gift and the reading. I'm seeing more and more efforts on her part to read. VT is kicking in! Hurrah!
  • J and R watched the next part of Free to Choose

  • Spent most of morning taking care of flat tire. Got AAA to change it (R couldn't get the lugnuts off!) and then took it into the shop to get patched.
  • Did start on the Latin for Children A Latin Reader which S loved! We did the first three little chapters. S loves translating. He said it was like figuring out a puzzle. Also read next Ch. of August Caesar's World which had to do with Cleopatra and Julius Caesar.
  • R got S and B a little hand held video recorder with which they are delighted! They are getting 'nature footage' they inform me of the geese on the pond out back and of one of our cats drinking from the stream. Also S made a puppet out of an apple and did various takes on that.
  • S did a divisions fact sheet.
  • B seemed still under the weather early in the day but by night was fine. I think she's over her sore throat.
  • J - took dictation from Intro to Devout Life, watched next science lecture on weather, read Aeneid for an hour and then discussed study guide questions with me.
  • I don't know what W did!!!! Except he took S to VT for me.
  • S spent a lot of time outdoors riding his scooter and shooting baskets.
  • S did a little Latin in his workbook, some fraction problems involving inches and centimeters and a short division problem, his written narration for WWE
  • B did a page of phonics and some beginning multiplication problems in her MCP workbook
  • J read Aeneid and orally answered study guide questions, watched next history lecture on Greek Dark Ages and Archaic period
  • Wrote essay for 30 minutes on whether Dido was right in calling Aeneas all those nasty things! LOL. J sided with Aeneas!
  • Read chapter of King of the Golden City to B and S
  • J did his online logic
  • Met with Socratic Discussion group. We've decided to expand into a Catholic Culture Club Co-op! (CCCC) for next year. The plan is to meet on Friday mornings as we do now but instead doing the Socratic Discussion we are going to have on alternate Fridays both a Book Club and an Art Club. On the other Fridays we may have a Geography/World Culture Club and poetry studies. I'm all excited about it. Also we talked about meeting over the summer for the Latin camp and also to watch Teaching the Classics. The Book club will be based on the Socratic questions from Teaching the Classics. The Art Club will be continuing the Christian Heritage Art Program we are using now. Not sure about the Geography/culture program but I want to use a Child's Geography.
  • J discussed The Seven Books of Mencius with his group.
  • The Elementary group finished their coats of arms; learned about the term 'value' when applied to colors.
  • W got up went to his music comp class.
  • J stayed home while B and S had their first spring tennis class with the homeschool group. W didn't take the class but he sat outside with us while he worked on his laptop.
  • J has a retreat with his CLC group overnight tonight. W isn't going because he can't miss his piano lesson tomorrow morning.

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