Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Daily Journal 8/31/10

Boys got up and went to 9 a.m. Mass.

I made bacon and eggs for breakfast. We started lessons @ 10:15

Boys worked on drawing, ear training and music.

I worked with Becky
  • I began reading aloud from Wild Animals I Have Known from Ernest Thompson Seton. She wasn't that enthralled. She was having trouble settling down.
  • She didn't want to do work in her phonics workbook, so instead we played Phonics bingo with blends and digraphs. We played for about 20 minutes. Becky was the caller and read the words aloud. She read well. She misread Think for the word thick but she caught most of her mistakes. After 20 minutes neither of us had bingo and we were starting to get bored. During this we listened the first cd of music that came with our Discovering Music program. Beautiful background music.
  • We took a little break because Becky really wanted to play Connect 4 with me but she couldn't find the game.
  • After break, Becky did copy work from WWE. It took forever! Very slow, easily distracted but very perfectionistic when writing. Lots of erasing.
  • I told her she didn't have to do Map Skills today but she wanted to. She did almost 3 pages just for fun. She didn't quite finish up the 3rd page. Part of the exercise was learning about scale. So she got out a ruler and was figuring out how many miles things were from each other. Since this involved measuring and simple multiplying I decided that would do for math today as well.
  • She was fidgeting again. She really has the attention span of a gnat right now! So I got her some goldfish crackers and a cup of chocolate milk. We had a discussion about toilets! She's been listening to the Great Brain on audio and apparently there was a discussion about outhouses and the first toilets brought to Utah. She was very interested in the history of toilets. We wikipedia'd it and did you know there were flush toilets in Orkney in 31 BC?????
  • I read her Ch. 1 of Faith and Life 4.
  • She read one paragraph from McGuffey's 2nd reader. We discussed the fact that the meal Tea can mean a formal tea or is really just another word for supper.
Will took Josh to his first Biology class @ 12:25.

  • In P.M. Sean worked on math. Will and Sean worked on digital arts. Josh came home from Biology and then worked on gaming stuff.
  • Becky, inspired by our measuring during map skills, took all her magnetix and lined them up so and then measured them with a measuring tape. 192 inches, she informed me!
  • Read Becky a chapter of Little Women while she swam around in the bathtub. Then she listened to more Great Brain.
  • Josh did math.
  • Sean went swimming with his friend.
  • Signed Becky up for a fieldtrip to the National Building Museum, City by Design. They have a homeschool day on 11/22.
  • Will, Sean, Becky and I watched the first unit in Discovering Music. Promises to be good!

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