Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daily Journal 9/1/10

  • Boys got up and went to Mass
  • Began lessons @ 10:15. Will and Sean continued to work on the Ferris Wheel scene from The Third Man. They even went into the study and watched a clip. Josh has decided to memorize the Gettysburg Address. I gave him Michael Clay Thompson's Lincoln's Ten Great Sentences book and he pretended to read it while snoozing on the couch!
  • Then they worked on ear training and then drawing.
  • We began her new cursive penmanship book. She did a matching game between capital manuscript letters and cursive letters. This took a long time because she kept wanting to chat and tell in great detail a game she and Sean had been playing on their bikes.
  • I decided to use the kitchen timer to keep us focusing a la CM.
  • Just as we were starting math, Hannah called. I hated to cut her off so Becky got an early break.
  • We did the mental math portion of Saxon 5/4 Less. 2, the practice set and then the first seven mixed practice problems before the timer went off.
  • Becky begged to do Map Skills. She loves it. She finished one page and then did another. Still practicing the scale concept. Map of Pennsylvania. We talked about the different cities. She knows of Phila. We talked about Pittsburgh where my Dad was from and other cities.
  • I read a passage from WWE, (Caddie Woodlawn - have to see if the library has it on audio) then Becky had to narrate back to me in complete sentences. Then she had to tell me the thing she remembered the most. She dictated it to me in a complete sentence and I wrote it out for her in cursive. Then she read it back to me. She enjoyed this.
  • We did a very brief review of the Latin lessons 1 thru 3 and then did Lesson 4. These are very, very brief lessons. Becky was not in the mood to cooperate.
  • Lastly, I read one long paragraph from Wild Animals I have Known and then made her narrate it back to me. She did pretty well. We were done before noon. If we hadn't had interruptions and if Becky hadn't been balking so, we'd have been done sooner!
  • She then joined the boys in their drawing practice though mostly to annoy them!
After lunch:
  • Josh made chocolate chip cookies! That's a first!
  • Sean did a math lesson and a little bit of cursive practice
  • Took Becky to VT
  • Sean and Becky have been having lots of fun today recording songs on garage band.
  • Josh worked on math
  • Will went to his first voice/sight reading/ear training lesson with his new teacher
  • Josh went to CLC
  • Becky insisted on telling me the whole story of The Great Brain in great detail. I rudely fell asleep on her. Terrible mother moment.
  • After dinner read Becky Ch. 13 in Little Women
  • Made Sean sit down and read The Treasure Seekers for 30 minutes.

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