Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Daily Journal 9/8/10 - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin/Rosh Hashana

  • Boys went to Mass
  • Did their 5 Arts in the a.m.
I worked with Becky:
  • Read more about Old Lobo in Wild Animals I have Known
  • Becky did a tiny bit of cursive practice
  • Read story about the Prophet Elisha or Eliseus as Bible History insists on calling him! Becky narrated well about Namaan, etc.
  • Becky and I practiced learning the hymn Holy God, We Praise Thy Name. Becky has such a good voice!
  • Did practice set for Lesson 3 in Saxon 5/4. Number Sequences
  • Did narration and copywork from WWE, Week 8. Caddy Woodlawn.
  • Reviewed a tiny bit of Latin and learned about what a subject of a sentence is.
  • Becky is all excited to sell T-shirts at the Blessed Virgin Mary's Birthday party which is always the opening event for our homeschool group. She's making a sign that says $5 per T-shirt and then drawing pictures of the t-shirts on the poster.
  • Went to BVM's Birthday and collected dues, etc. Had a good time. A sweet girl led us in a decade of the rosary and then the kids all sang happy birthday. Becky had great time selling those T-shirts!
  • Meanwhile, at home Sean finished his math lesson and then talked on line with his friend.
  • Josh did a lesson in Algebra II
  • Found out Hannah is getting severe flooding at Univ. of Dallas from Hermine.
  • Will went to his music lesson
  • VT appt for Becky @ 5:30.
After dinner:
  • Did 20 minutes of Latin with Sean - reviewed 1st and 2nd delcensions, parsed some sentences, talked about parts of speech.
  • Took Josh to CLC
  • Sean read more The Treasure Seekers
  • Becky read two paragraphs from McGuffey's. Then I read a ch. and 1/2 of Little Women to her.

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Suburban Correspondent said...

Ack! I still owe you 10 dollars!

You know, I read all the classic children's books to the oldest 2; but Little Women never worked as a read-aloud. I don't know why.