Thursday, September 16, 2010

Daily Journal 9/16/10

  • Boys went to Mass
  • Boys worked on writing for 30 minutes, still not sure exactly what they are doing when they say they are working on writing! Then Sean worked on animation, Josh on game design, Will on music
  • Becky - worked through mix practice of L 4 in Saxon(never got to it yesterday), read a little from her new Magnifikid mag (she read the comic to me and then we went through first section of Mass and read the OT reading and discussed it.)
  • Read story of King Alfred and the Beggar.
  • Did WWE - read passage from Charlotte's Web; she answered narration questions in complete sentences, then dictated to me the thing she remember the most, then she copied over that sentence.
  • Did Latin, reviewed vocab of nauta, sum, ego, argricola, et and also saying cogito ergo sum. Learned 'non'. Also reviewed what a subject noun is and what a verb is.
  • Took Will to metro to go to DC and his piano lesson - then picked him up 3 hours later.
  • Came home and took Josh to his 6 mo post surgery check up. Looks good! Cleared to play tennis tomorrow!
  • Josh and I read Book 1 of St. Augustine's Confessions.
  • Josh did first lesson in History of the Church
  • Sean - practiced some cursive, read ch 2 of his F&L book and also worked on memorizing those 10 Commandments some more.
  • Sean did 1/2 of Lesson 8 in Saxon 7/6.
  • Sean studied Latin vocabulary for a 4 ch. review, and I quizzed him orally.
  • Josh has LOTS of biology homework to do which he didn't start until 7:45 p.m. I think he'll be up working until 11 or so.
  • Read Becky a couple of chapters of Little Women. Beth is dying, Amy and Laurie have met up in Europe. Becky really didn't get a lot of it, so I had to keep stopping and explaining things to her. I am amazed that she is so into the book because a lot is going over her head.
  • Sean is supposed to read more Treasure Seekers before bed but it is 9:45 p.m. and I can hear him and Becky playing instead of reading!

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