Thursday, September 9, 2010

Daily Journal 9/9/10

  • Boys went to Mass
  • Did 5 arts - acting (S- worked on memorizing The Orange, J- The Jabberwocky, W- Ecclesiastes). music, writing.
Becky was in an ornery mood this a.m.

  • Read about St. Peter Claver; today is his feast day. She was okay with that, sometimes being interested, sometimes feigning boredom.
  • She did a tiny bit of cursive work while listening
  • She wanted me to read her about Lobo from Wild Animals I Have Known. She's really started to enjoy the book. Just goes to show you have to give some things time.
  • After much dawdling and resistance (including stopping to trim her bangs which suddenly prevented her from doing copy work!) she printed out a very short sentence from WWE. (Charlotte's Web).
  • She also wanted to do Map Skills except she didn't want to write herself. So we compromised. She had to spell to me the names of all the oceans and I did the writing. Then we learned the difference between what a sea, a bay and gulf. Not quite clearcut if you ask me.
  • She decided she does not want to read from McGuffey's 2nd reader but wants to try the 3rd. So we started on the 3rd reader, reading two stanzas of a long poem. At this rate it will take two weeks to get through the first lesson.
  • Did math with Sean - corrected his mistakes and did mental math and practice set for L. 5.
  • Took Josh to his math tutor
  • Came home, collapse and read King Solomon's Mines (which I stole from Sean) and napped.
  • Josh went to library with Sean and Becky, Will and I went and got haircuts.
  • Didn't get any math done with Becky or Latin and penmanship done with Sean.
  • Josh did Biology homework
  • Sean read more The Treasure Seekers.
  • Read more Little Women to Becky.
  • Becky got the audio of Mrs. Piggle Wiggle out of the library plus several Baby Mouse graphic novels. She sequestered herself up in her room to enjoy those.
  • Josh finished reading the second book in Discworld at some point during the day. He got a ton of a new graphic novel series (don't know the name) and was reading them like they were potato chips.
  • Will started doing his CLEP prep course with College Plus (listening to audio cds on study skills, etc? Sounds boring!). He finished reading the Book of Numbers (Bible). How was it, I asked. Numerical, he replied! He is now listening to the Lord of the Rings.

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