Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daily Journal 9/14/10

  • another terrible sleeping night, for me and for Miss Becky boo.
  • got up, studied for Latin quiz, Josh got up early too, to study.
  • Made breakfast sandwiches, got everyone up.
  • Took Becky and Sean to their first art class. Sean has philosophical differences with the teacher on technique! I hope he wasn't difficult. I do wish he could learn the virtue of docility! Becky LOVED the class.
  • Josh and I got to the class late. Had to take the quiz in a rushed fashion. Neither of us did very well as a result. But it wasn't graded! I think the teacher was just using it to force us ot review and jog our memories.
  • After Latin class, took Josh to Biology. He studied for that quiz in the car on the way there.
  • Got home and worked on math with Sean and Becky.
  • Will had been working on his speed reading course which he is finding very interesting but basically thinks it is a crock!
  • Becky and Sean rode their bikes to the veg. stand and bought pears.
  • Picked up Josh from class. He'd won 4 little rubbery fake skeletons for something! He gave them to Becky and Sean who loved them.
  • Josh worked on math both before and after dinner.
  • After dinner, Becky and Sean both worked on Latin and penmanship.
  • Becky made us her version of apple cobbler.
  • Sean read a ch. in The Treasure Seekers
  • Watched next unit in Discovering Music - all about musical terms.
  • Read most of a chapter out of Little Women to Becky. Jo is in NY and fascinated with Professor Bhaer.

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