Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekly Report 8/30-9/3

I've actually been keeping daily journals each day. That helps me get things clear in my mind about how we are proceeding. So this is just a summing up of what went on and what we need to work on for next week. Mostly it's about attitude!

Becky - on the whole she's been rather fidgety this week. However, she certainly loves Map Skills. She even got her book out to show her dad when he got home from work last night. I am enjoying the read alouds with, especially Little Women. It is fun to snuggle on the couch and do our studies that way. It is a great lesson in patience for me, to learn to humor and cajole her through the lessons she doesn't like as well. You'd think I'd have learned to be patient by now with all these years of homeschooling. I do think I am somewhat more patient but still have a ways to go! Mostly I bottle up my frustration and vent here.

Sean - even though Sean adores Will, he was giving him the same flack he gives me all the time whenever I try to force lessons on him. Even though this was all stuff that he and Will agreed to and which they love to do!!! Sean really is at the mercy of his moods. I hope he learns to temper them more. He's so extreme, he either obsesses over something or he can't simply can't focus on it. You can talk til you are blue in the face to him and he doesn't retain a bit! He really needs to try to make an effort to focus himself on things that aren't currently all-absorbing to him. He did some math this week and some cursive penmanship. Today I had him work in his vocabulary book and also listen to me read the first science unit on plants. He needs to work on neatness too. He makes math errors because he writes so sloppily. It is evidence of his lack of care. Again, I need to be patient with him, explain again and again why certain things are important for him to learn and why I insist on them. At the same time, I try to respect him and his unique free spiritedness. Balance is what is needed!

Josh -has been staying up too late each night and is having trouble curtailing his computer time. In fact last night he snuck back downstairs at midnight to get on the computer. Big no no!

What has been wonderful is the boys going to mass each morning. They didn't make it this morning because 1) Josh needed to study for his Bio quiz (he didn't allow enough time to get done last night) and 2) I think Will has also been staying up late and by the time this a.m. rolled around he just needed to sleep more! But also I love that they are doing so much on their own initiative. They are good boys.

Friday - this a.m.

Will slept in.
Josh got up and studied for his Bio quiz then I took him to class.
Sean worked in his vocabulary book, listened to a lesson in Science
Becky - read the first story from 50 Famous Stories Retold about King Alfred. Read next ch. of Little Women, she also listened in on science lesson.

Had a meeting with Will and Sean about our schedule for next week. We are trying to work out what works best for everybody's interests.

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