Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday 12/4 Happy Hanukkah (at sundown!)

R got up early to take his car in to be tuned. Woke up and read article on Paradise Lost. Very interesting and really made me think about Philip Pullman and Calvinism, etc.

H and W got up early and went to Mass and then took Chem exam. W got 87 and H got 99.

I basically let B and S play all day. They are getting pretty bored with no structure for them for most of the day.

J practiced piano, read next chapter in history and went over questions in his catechism. Then he played lots of computer games.

I finished reading essay. Never said rosary. Got lunch going and then had Brit Lit and Hist. class which we haven't had for two weeks. Had a really interesting discussion about Milton. Watched next in dvd on Brit Hist on Charles I. Then we made scones, discussed Milton more and then listened to the first 15 minutes of book I.

Now I need to run to store to get latkes! I can hear W picking out the carol of the bells on the guitar. He's good!

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