Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wednesday 12/5

This is a recap. I forgot to journal.

A.M. It snowed yesterday.

B - played in the snow a lot and came in for hot cocoa a lot. She also did lots of gymnastics off the couch in basement and watched TV. She was happy all day. I gave her a hot bath in the evening after she came in freezing. She helped H bake chocolate chip cookies in the evening.

S - was in a bad mood most of the day. He went out and played in the snow in the afternoon. He played piano, did gymnastics, watched TV, read Calvin and Hobbes. He played some Spider solitaire on the computer. He's getting quite good at it. I read him the next chapter of The White Horse which he is really loving.

J - stayed in his pjs all day. In the a.m. he finished up the last book in the Hitchhikers "Trilogy" He was in a fog from his marathon reading of that this week. He spent much time on the xbox upstairs or playing addicting games on the web or listening to music from itunes. In the evening I made him work on his history workbook. He did it and liked the fact that he had to draw a scimitar.

W - I can't remember what W did in the a.m. I think he just wandered around. He's doing very well with his Advent ban on games. He's reading a lot at websites like Catholic Answers. He practiced guitar a lot and then had a very long lesson with the guitar teacher. Mostly he played guitar! In the evening, he did 45 minutes of Latin. We said a rosary together around 9 pm. He was so bummed because he couldn't go to CLC due to the snow.

H - was trying to finish up with preparations for our St. Nick show which we wound up cancelling due to the snow. She intrepidly went out in the snow and ran all kinds of errands but then got stuck on the hill by her friends house where she was picking up table clothes. R had to go get her. She had to abandon her car. She made choc chip cookies in the evening but accidently put too much baking soda in them so they were okay but had a sort of metallic, salty aftertaste to them. She was heartily bummed!

R worked from home yesterday. We did our Advent calendar at lunch. And our Jesse Tree and Menorah at about 8:00 p.m. I made tacos for dinner which everybody loved (except R who hates Mexican food!).

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