Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekend 12/1-12/2

Pretty good weekend! Sat. was very low keyed. But I managed to do some laundry, put up Advent calendar, Jesse Tree and get out Advent Wreath.

H took the SAT in the a.m. and then spent most of the afternoon and evening hanging out with friends and Christmas shopping.

J and S had their piano lessons. We are trying to hook up the keyboard to the computer downstairs so S can compose.

W played lots of video games. It was his last hurrah because he's giving them up for Advent.

B hung out and was her usually busy self. She entered a contest on tv to make the wackiest sandwhich. She had fun compiling it and enlisted me to take pictures of it for her.

R slept in, fooled around on the computers. Ran errands. At night, he took the kids to dinner at the diner. I stayed home, for some reason my stomach was uneasy. I watched The Jewelers Shop. It was okay. I bet the play is better.

Sunday - I cleaned out the fridge. We went to breakfast. R watched news shows. We are starting to be interested in Mike Huckabee. Watched Redskins lose.

I went grocery shopping. H went to 8:15 mass, breakfast with friends. Came home for a little bit. Went to see friend in ballet, went to youth mass music practice. Hardly saw her all weekend.

J and W reluctantly did math homework.

Gerbils had babies. Oh my!

R sent in B's photo to the contest. Had dinner then rushed to mass. Afterwards J, W and H stayed to pack stuff for Iraqi children.

W had to do more math until 11:00 p.m. because he'd procrastinated so.

R went to bed early because he's going to see Dad at hospital Monday.

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