Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday 11/30

Well, I've been up since 4 a.m. Had very nice time with R though!

H and W got up early and went to teen mass at 6:15 a.m. Came home for a bit. H is really working on Bach's Minuet in G Major. Then they were off for a special Chem lab this a.m. They are doing Chemistry ALL morning.

Let the others wake up when they wanted. S woke up, showered and is now playing video games downstairs.

J was supposed to have his St. George club today, but for some reason it was cancelled. He was very bummed. He slept in and then started reading The Restaurant at teh End of the Universe. Then he decided to haul the little tv and an old game system upstairs to his room to play. He's been doing that.

B woke up and told me all about Little House of the Prairie that she was listening to before she fell asleep. I gave her some English muffins for breakfast. She is upstairs watching J play.

I am hoping we'll do the next installment of the T3 Bible study today. I know I'll need to take a nap and I should be doing something more constructive than putzing around the internet. I did manage to take a shower. I think I need another cup of tea!

B got out a big marble run machine like thing that she is assembling in the dining room. She wants me to help but I'm too sleepy. J is at the piano again.

4:26p.m. Well, we had a very sleepy, low keyed day. We did watch the next installment in T3 which was excellent. I read a bit of Royal Escape and enjoyed it. I almost took a nap but S kept waking me up just as I'd drift off. Late a.m. we watched Mr Roger's Neighborhood and the Reading Rainbow. RR was about family history which sent me on a google search about Grandfather and S. Gompers which was fun. H and W came home and I talked to them about it. Then we watched the Bible thing. H went to hand deliver the ski trip registration and check because I completely forgot about it and then realized today was the deadline. W is playing Assassins Creed. J is playing some robot game on the gamecube. B went to the neighbor's to play. S is bored and hungry and watching Arthur.

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