Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wed. 11/14

Had bad headache all night. I think it is a combo of lousy wet weather and my wacky hormones.

Woke up very early from fitful sleep. Got up and nursed headache for a couple hours. And then it subsided! Managed to read the next chap. in Sophie's World to H and W on Athens.

Got everyone up, took a shower, no one thought to eat breakfast before we had to be at the dentists at 9:45. All the kids had their teeth cleaned. Turns out that B has an extra tooth up in the front of her gum! Very unusual, they said. Weird!

Everyone was hungry and B and S were done first so I took them to Wendy's. Came home. B didn't enough sleep last night so she's very grumpy and I am too. Bad combo. So I put her up in room to rest with her coloring book and crayons. S is having quiet time too because my headache came back. He's reading more Calvin and Hobbes and is so tickled that he can really read it and get the jokes and everything.

J- read next chapter in FMMA and then did the worksheets. I need to look them over. Did a lesson in Saxon math.

I took S and B to S's VT. H and W had guitar lessons. I read the next fairy tale to B from her OM book.

Right before leaving for gymnastics, I dropped my keys into the toilet while it was flushing!! Bye bye keys!

Borrowed H's key and took them to gymnastics. I set up S's b-day party there for Dec. 15th. They were enrolling for next semester. B is moving up a class. She is go to a Tues class. S is staying with the boys class he's currently in which is on Wed. Sigh, well it's just for half a year! I don't know which will be worse having to sit through 2 classes while trying to entertain the child that is waiting or going to separate nights. (but then I'll get reading time!)

W basically went to the dentist, played guitar all day and did very little math homework. H took him to CLC a little while ago.

H did part of her timeline and now, supposedly is writing her paper.

It's 8:11 and it's been a come and get it kind of dinner. Let me make sure everyone has eaten something. Very, very bad food day!

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