Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wednesday 11/21

No rosary this a.m. Alas! R worked at home. Made bacon and eggs for everyone around 10:00 a.m. Earlier I blogged on other blog and worked on my calendar getting all of Dec. planned out.

Took a shower, then started in on cleaning. Did a good job on the study which was truly horrible. Worked all morning there. H cleaned the dining and living room. W worked on the porch. J daydreamed, B played on the computer all a.m. at noggin. S went over to neighbor's house to play. B at one point this a.m. had me measure everyone against the broom closet door. Everyone has grown about an inch except for W who's grown at least 2.5 inches! This is since July.

Boomerang came in the mail so I told J and he went next door and got S and neighbor and they holed up in their room to listen to it. H went to Burger King and got lunch for everybody.

During lunch the guitar teacher showed up! I totally forgot that most activities were going on today. W did the lesson 1st then H. Took S to VT. B stayed home with R and watched the Princess Bride. So did J.

Came home for a bit and then off to gymnastics with B and S. J did not have chess club. B and I noted the phase of the moon. She said, "Look Mom, the moon's waxing!"

Came home again for a few minutes before I took W to CLC and then picked up more carry out. Yuck. Very bad eating today, but I truly didn't feel like cooking anymore today.

At dinner remembered to record moon phase. Then we lit our Martinmas lanterns and had a parade down the driveway. J and B and R got into it and wanted to walk around the neighborhood but S got very grumpy. He didn't want to put his shoes on (unseasonably warm today) and he was kind of freaked out by the flames. So he and I came back and rummaged through our pantry to bring canned goods to Mass tomorrow for the Thanksgiving collection.

H has been out all evening visiting friends. She's bringing W home from CLC.

Okay now it's pj and story time and then prayers.

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