Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday 11/13

Had terrible stomach ache last night. Came home from class which went pretty well, I think, but suddenly got bad, bad cramps. Wound up getting right into my pjs and lying on the couch watching Jimmy Cagney movie while poor R put the little ones to bed. Then he helped Will with his paper and timeline. H got home and worked too on hers but she is hopelessly behind.

Went to bed at 10:00. woke up at 1 when R came to bed. Then again at 4:30 when H came in saying she felt sick and needed the heating pad. Didn't get back to sleep.

Anyway, today's going to be very loose. H did get up and go to chem. W got up early and finished up timeline and then did more chem. W went to chem as well.

B is just getting up now at 10:01. S has been talking and talking about going to school and his school days at St. V.

J - practice piano, write novel, take history test, start Seton Science 7. S is reading Calvin and Hobbes.

2:24 p.m. Well, I was all set to give my first Brit. History essay exam to the teen class but then K's Mom called and pled for mercy. So I decided to make it a take home that they have to postmark by what would have been next class's date. Or they get an F. I'm going to check their timelines at 3:00 p.m. I did get all papers except H's. She didn't get working in time to get anything in, then the computer crashed on her yesterday when she was making a feeble attempt to get started. Now I've told her that she must have both timeline and paper in to me by 12 midnight Thursday or she can't go to Steubenville on Friday.

I was pleased by the papers though! B went over to P's house next door. J worked on his novel. I am going to give him his history test after snack time. Made banana choc. chip bread. It's baking now. D is working outside on stone walls. R came over to get her teacup she left here a year ago!

In the evening: J tried to take his history text but didn't do well at all. I do think it is because we have stretched it out over so many weeks and because we've been reviewing it here and there orally. So I've decided to scrap that test and start anew with the next section being a little more intensive about it and also filling out the study sheets instead of just doing it orally. He still wants to go to school next year and I'd like him to hone some of those recall skills that he'll need to test well in your day to day life in school.

He also started reading his Seton 7 Science book.

I finished reading B her fairy tale. What a long one it was! I got a headache and fell asleep on the couch again after dinner. H went to Theology of the Body.

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