Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday 11/12

Woke up at 7. Didn't work on novel, instead planned RE class for this p.m.

S and J showered. W worked on paper. H went to Spanish.

Said 3 decades of Rosary - W led.

J finished up math homework but lost his test, grrr. Worked with math tutor.

W - worked with math tutor and also did chemistry with her.

B and S - did Mad Lib, sang songs, B - practiced writing number sentences dictated to her. S - did addition problems trading two columns. S copied spelling words over on white board. B practiced Jj's. Taught about spelling pattern -le.

J - reading next chap. in F&L Poor S pulled a muscle in his neck and is fairly miserable.

4:07 - well I let S watch Between the Lions and Arthur while he sat on the couch with a heating pad up against his neck. I gave him Motrin as well. He was really hurting. He's better now but it still bothers him a little. No more gymnastics for a while.

W has been working on his paper off and on all day. He takes little breaks and plays guitar for a few minutes and then goes back.

J - finished reading Mystery of the periodic table and reread the FMMA chapters. We reviewed geography for the test.

H came home from Spanish. R has been working from home today. Kind of a half day because it's Veteran's Day. R took her to get stereo fixed in her car. That was her b-day present from us. R also ran errands with B and S while I took shower. H has also been working on her paper. She informed me she can't find her timeline. Sigh.

S read two pages from his reader. Now he's downstairs playing pool with B. J is helping R test the chemicals in the fishtanks.

Cleaners came today. House looks nice. I need to move laundry.

Made ravioli and sausages for dinner. Went to teach first RE class with new students. Girls are so much easier to teach than boys!

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