Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday 11/29

5:22 p.m.
Busy day! Slow wake up. Didn't say rosary. Spent morning making arrangements and gathering props for play practice, getting kids up, dressed and breakfasted.

Math tutor came so W and J stayed home and worked this her this a.m.

H went to mass and library to study for SAT she's taking on Sat.

I took play stuff and B and S to play practice. We picked up L and Jack and saw their new baby sister. Went to play practice. It went pretty well. Two of the moms are different from me. They are only homeschooling two young daughters. They are very perfectionistic. Whereas I am more just focused on fun and kids learning. Poor Rena wasnt' feeling well.

After practice, took Lulu and Jack and B and S to McD's. for lunch which made them very happy. Then we went back to their house and visited for an hour or so. Then off to Pascal Lamb to buy St. Nick cards for St. Nick day and also pick up some stocking stuffers.

Came home. B and S watched a new Veggie tales we also picked up. J has been playing on the computer ALL day since math that is. He did practice piano today before I left. W has been at games all day as well. I know he has Chem homework to do.

S begged to play with Joseph so I picked up him a couple minutes ago. He's playing here. H and went over to friend's mother's house. The mother said she was going to teach H to bake. Wah! What kind of a mother am I that another mother I barely know volunteers to teach my dd how to bake!!!!!!!

Speaking of which, I need to go pick up pizza at Jerry's now. H came home. She baked a cherry pie and made chocolate chip cookies. She said she realized now what moms whose kids go to school all day do at a home. They do lots of stuff at church and bake!

Came home, we ate. Kids played downstairs. I worked with J doing Latin and F&L. He did workbook pages for FMMA. S didn't feel well and got into his pjs.

While the kids were playing downstairs they found the Incredible Writing kit which has hieroglyphic templates and they wrote out their names. Last week I read to them about the Egyptians from A Little History of the World so it was a nice, organic tie in.

H is quite proud of herself she taught herself to sight read Bach's Minuet in G Major. She's playing now.

I was inspired to write up template worksheets for declensions and conjugations for J. Took a long time.

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