Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday 11/28

Things to do:

Dentist - arghh, keep forgetting
Chimney sweep - haven't called back yet
NOVA - register H for Spanish next semester-H said she'd do this p.m.
Karate - register S and J for classes starting in Jan. - done!

10:40 a.m. Very slow morning! Did say a rosary though. And finished reading chapter on Plato with W and H and had some really interesting discussions about it.

J and B are outside raking leaves for Christmas money. S refuses to get out of his pjs though.

1:46. S decided he was going to go on strike but then got bored after 10 minutes in his room. he finally got dressed. He and B played Parcheesi downstairs and listened to Chanukah songs, practiced gymnastics and composed music, talked and played. Right after lunch they went up to their rooms for quiet time. S and J are listening to Tuck Everlasting. B is listening to Little House on the Prairie.

This a.m. J - read two chapters in If all the Swords of England, read chapter on Charlemagne in FMMA and read next chapter on Moses in F&L. We also did about 15 minutes of Latin.

The kids also played some solitaire on my laptop. B played some kind of Mah jong, but not really; she kept hitting the hint button.

H went to confession and Mass at noon. Came home and was looking through her SAT prep book.

W played his guitar and read some more of his Scott Hahn book on Opus Dei.

I realized I had forgotten to defrost the chicken that I was going to cook with bbq sauce in the slow cooker today. Quick got out some cube steak and defrosted it a bit and then stuck it in with the bbq sauce. Hopefully it will taste good. At some point I took a shower.

Next up: Vision Therapy, guitar lessons and gymnastics. Chess club for J. CLC for W.

7:49 Read a little of my new book Royal Escape and fell asleep for a few minutes. Woke up and realized we were late for VT. Took S to VT. Took B with me and we played with some phonics flashcards I had in my purse. She enjoyed playing with them.

H and W had guitar lessons. W worked on math homework as did J. Don't know what H did.

Took B and S to gymnastics. They had a blast. While they waited for each other's class we drew pictures and did mazes and puzzles from a little book called Brain Games. I have to remember to carry stuff like that around with me always!

J went to Chess club. He said he won his first game but the club was over before the second was finished but his opponent had the upperhand.

H made rice for me in the cooker. Had bbq beef and rice, chilled peaches and celery sticks. Though H and W didn't eat because H took W to CLC and J and S made themselves pb&J. Boo hoo. No wonder I hate cooking for this family! All that effort grocery shopping, planning, cooking and it is so unappreciated.

Now they are watching Arthur.

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