Saturday, November 10, 2007

11/10 Happy Birthday Hannah

Today's to do list:

1. Write novel-did some this a.m.

2. Get bagels for breakfast - done

3. Tidy up living room and dining room before piano teacher comes-got to l.r. but need W and J to tackle d.r.

4. H to choir practice - yes

5. Piano lessons=yes

6. R and W do dump run???? R said tomorrow

7. W works on history/lit homework-nope

8. Do lots of laundry (didn't do enough yesterday)-nope!!!! Argghhh

9. R take H to get car stereo-yes

10. Clean fridge-partially

11. Get ice cream cake for birthday party plus party decorations-R did this

12. Tidy and vacuum basement-paritally, gotta do more

13. Take nap!-just woke up!

14. Pizza again for dinner, yech! - yep! With lots left over.

So this was my to do list yesterday. H had her party which went very well. Several of the girls slept over. I think they plan to go to 8:15 Mass. How crazy is that? W just came downstairs, let a cat out and went back upstairs. I thought I heard scratching at a door somewhere!

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