Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday 11/23

Thanksgiving went very well. Got up early and made stuffing. Didn't have enough time though to actually put the turkey into the oven before I had to leave for Mass. So I woke R up to do it for me, which he did. He also cooked a turkey on the rotisserie outside. It was very good. Got home from Mass late because I helped clean the chalices, etc. Also we stopped at Giant really quickly.

Got very stressed because no one seemed to be cooperating with cleaning and getting the food ready but after much nagging I got everybody moving. Tables set, potatoes peeled, boiled and mashed, gravy made, cranberry sauce made, oven stuffing heated up. S came with bread, sweet potato casserole and green beans. It was very pleasant. Grandmom looked pretty good but was very quiet.

Had coffee and various types of pie.

T and S stayed after for awhile and helped clean up some but we only got about half done.

Today - had a very leisurely day. Went to 10:00 Mass and wound up going out to breakfast with another homeschooling mom. Very pleasant time. Came home and R said he was going to take the 3 youngers out. So he took them to IHOP for lunch and then bowling. H and W went out to breakfast as well with their friends. I did a little bit of laundry and gathered four large trashbags of clothing from our closets for giveaway to the Clothing Drive. But R still needs to go through his stuff and I still need to go thru B , J and S stuff.

I watched a lot of tv. Watched a bit of EWTN and HGTV. H and W hide out; the former in her rom and the latter in the study. Then they got bored and went to see Enchanted together. Right after they left R came home with J, S and B. R, S and B decided they wanted to see Enchanted. J wanted to stay home and play on the computer. I puttered around and cleaned up some more from Thanksgiving. Then I watched a lovely movie. The Little Flowers of St. Francis by Rosselini. Beautiful!

R came home with S and B. Said prayers, put them to bed and read them Wayside. He's such a good dad. I am very grateful that he gives me these days off where I can just be lazy without feeling like I'm neglecting the little ones. They love their daddy time.

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