Wednesday, November 7, 2007

11/7 Wed.

Had a good night's sleep, so why am I so irritable? Menopause is a terrible thing!

Didn't get a chance to work on novel. B woke just as I was about to start. Did a Mad Lib with her. Woke J and S and had them take showers. J tried to dupe me but I found him out and was heartily irritated. What is it with boys and hygiene. Such a foreign concept to them!

H would not get up. I'm thoroughly fed up with this sleeping in in the a.m.

Finally got everyone to breakfast table at 8:30. Said 2 decades. Had frozen waffles, french toast, leftover apple pie and cereal!

J - practiced piano, did a lesson in Saxon, reread some chapters in his FMMA for test, wrote some more of his novel.

B and S played downstairs while I read Sophie's World chapter on Socrates to H and W, good discussion afterwards.

Worked with B and S, sang songs, did mental math (patterns with S; simply adding for B). B took out pebbles and lined them up on little play map rug counting up to 100. S and I did workbook page on reading number words (three thousand four hundred twenty, for eg) and then writing it out in numeral form correctly. He worked very hard on forming his numerals correctly and neatly. A real struggle for him but he was very patient and did all 16 problems.

Then I introduced 'ou' sound and gave him his spelling words: through, group, count, mouth, ground. He also worked very patiently copying them out neatly. He's really trying with his penmanship. I was very proud.

B on the other hand has been horribly grumpy and screaming in rage at everything. She did however write out Ii's in her MLbook. I also went over tongue twisters or poems for G, H and I which she enjoyed.

W worked on Artes Latinae after Philsophy and then practiced guitar. He sound very good.

H got her SAT practice test score; forget the scores themselves but it was 79th percentile. H showered.

Now we're getting ready to go to noon Mass.

Made it to noon Mass but we were a few minutes late as usual. Always shoe crisis. This time it was B who couldn't find hers.

Said 1 decade on the way and 2 decades on the way home. S came out of Mass and said, that was a good Mass. We had a visitor father from India. He seemed very kindly. The regular priest at that parish is usually so dour but we've been having lots of visitors for the last couple of weeks and my it has been a breath of fresh air!

Made grilled cheese for lunch. We are not doing well on the fruits veggies this week. After lunch I took a shower then we rushed to VT. Guitar teacher couldn't come today. H went over to her friends to study for chem exam.

W - practiced lots of guitar and wandered around aimlessly. Just now (5:35) he's starting on his math homework for tomorrow.

J worked more on his novel, then he started reading mine. He liked it! S and B played. J does not have chess club this evening. I talked H into taking B and S to gymnastics so I that could do Latin with J and cook dinner. I had already partially defrosted the chicken to roast but I wasn't ready to put it in the oven when it was time to leave. Since H doesn't do raw meat, she'd rather take them. How is that girl ever going to cook for a family?????

Called K.M. back and she asked me to switch from current RE class to another girls' class. So as of Monday I am teaching another class.

J and I worked on Latin translations but he wasn't paying attention very much. Now he's back writing his novel again. He's into it today!

Tonight: tidy up, finish making dinner, take W to CLC and I'll go to Respect Life Committee meeting.

9:57 Made really yummy roast chicken! Went to Respect Life meeting. Made me sad; everybody sat and complained about Father P. I really like him, as flawed as he might be. It made me remember why I never join these types of things. I hate talking about others! I hate politics of this sort.

Got home; Rick was putting kids to bed. Time for me to go too!

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