Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday 11/27

Woke 7:30 ish. Moved laundry. Dishwasher never ran last night. Ran it this a.m. Putzed around on computer for too long. Both H and W slept thru their alarms. Woke them up. Made J take a shower. S is practicing tying bows with his bathroble belt. H and W are finishing up chem homework frantically. Having frozen waffles and french toast for breakfast.

H and W left for Chem. R left for work. Forgot to say rosary! Got involved in posting on yahoo and such. Tsk, tsk on me!

J - practiced piano. listened to Chanukah songs and answered questions in his FMMA workbook. He tried typing up his answers on the computer downstairs but then he lost them just as he was finishing it up. How frustrating. I didn't care so he didn't need to retype but I really would rather he write directly in the workbook. It helps with his handwriting and seems less distracting.

B and S - Chanukah songs and mental math. B's mental math was adding up sums and saying which was less. S did a problem trading two columns and then he did long equations with additions and subtraction that he had to puzzle out. S also did a bit in his LLATL. He circled which words didn't fit (synonyms) and orally we divided words that end in -le into syllables. Then on his own he alphabetized a list of names and wrote them out. he worked hard on his penmanship and liked practicing his A's. B was supposed to copy over Ll, Mm, Nn but we got into a little tiff over it. S and B also washed the paintbrushes from yesterday's painting session. B set up store and we had to play store for a while.

Had lunch. During lunch I read a list of vocabulary words from an SAT prep book to H who guessed what they meant. It was fun! She also bought a sort of cliff notes on Geometry as she feels shakiest on that for SAT stuff. She's taking the test Dec. 1.

After lunch S and B went upstairs to play. H, W, J and I watched the first installment of the T3 Bible Adventure which was really good! Also I gave all three their Advent reading assignments. Actually I gave them a choice of what they could read. J is going to read If All The Swords in England. W is reading How to Win the Culture War by Kreeft which he immediately got really into. H is reading Intro to the Devout Life by St. Francis de Sales. I'm still reading Christopher West's book on Pope BXVI first encyclical. Forget the name. S wanted to be assigned Advent reading. I told him to keep up his Beginner's Bible reading. I've also started reading an old Vision book collection of Christmas stories. We read a wonderful story about how the 3 wiseman meet up with St. Thomas in India.

S and B have been watching TV. Wayside School and Arthur. W played guitar. H is napping, I showered then worked with J (who was reading The Worst Case Scenario's Survivor's Guide). We went over questions in F&L and then did the next assignment in his Schola Latina.

6:02. Neither B or S wanted to come with me to the library so they stayed home watching tv, looking at toy catalogues, playing the piano and doing gymnastics. I don't know what J did. H took a shower. W came with me. I got out a Georgette Heyer book and a Rumer Godden book. I also got Paradise Lost on cd. I got several picture books for the littles. the next Lloyd Alexander in the Prydain series for J, W got a book out by Scott Hahn on Opus Dei. I also got several stories on cd: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, Little House on the Prairie, Rabbit Ears American Tall Tales, and Tuck Everlasting. Hoping some of those will go over big at quiet time. Stopped at Gamespot so W could buy a new game. He says he's giving up games for Advent. I'll believe it when I see it!

Came home: Read a book to B, made meatloaf. H is off to Theology of the Body for Teens at church. Need to put on sweet potatoes and read another book to B, she's requesting.

Had dinner. Meatloaf, it was good! B and S were very cute playing restaurant with B asking me how to spell different foods so she could write up a menu.

After dinner I said a rosary by myself while others did various things. H came home. Then R. Said prayers. Read part of next ch. in Sophie's World to H and W. R read to B and S. J is totally lost in Taran Wanderer I got him from the library.

It's 11:07. Time for bed.

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