Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday 11/6 Election Day

Slept terribly. Woke up around 3:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. My legs ached. finally got up and took advil. Got up at 6. Puttered around and then wrote some more of my novel. Had two cups of tea. Moved laundry.

Everybody slept late. I kept going up and calling everybody but no one would stir. Finally at 8:30 I decided to say the rosary by myself, but then J and S came down. Then W but he didn't pray with us, instead he looked over chem and ate cereal. H really overslept. B too.

Got everybody some form of breakfast. I was going to read Kat but R took J and S with him to vote. I'll vote later. H and W went to chem class.

I read two library books to B including Something from Nothing which is one of my favorites.

Then she read a primary phonics book to me. In the middle of that J and S came home and R went off to work.

J: practiced piano, read another chapter in Mystery of the Periodic Table and is now rereading his FMMA in prep for the test.

B did a tiny bit of work in her PP workbook. S read three pages from his reader, then we went through and picked out all the beginning blends we could find. He did a page of cursive. We sand our Nov. songs but they got really involved in a puzzle and I could feel that I wasn't going to get them to cooperate with any math.

Right now I'm going to go do Latin with J. Then I have to tidy up, get lunch and prepare for Brit. Lit and Hist. class. Very sleepy right now.

4:54 p.m. Wound up not doing Latin with J. Instead I tidied the kitchen and took a shower to wake up. H and W brought lunch home from Burger King. After lunch had Brit Lit and Hist where we reviewed for the essay exam next week. J did a little in his Latin workbook and then worked on his novel a little bit. B and S watched the tube downstairs and played pool. J joined them.

Class was over at 4. B and I are getting ready to go vote. H went out with her friend and then she's off to her SAT prep class. I'm making tacos for dinner as soon as I get back. Need to remember to read Kat Finds a Friend at dinner tonight.

9:29. B and I did go to vote. I let her push all the buttons. Came home and was so sleepy. I did something I never do, I put on the tv, watching home and garden shows and then dozed right off on the couch. The three younger ones were downstairs doing I don't know what. Woke up and it was nearly 7! Quick browned up the ground beef and made tacos. The kids all really liked them. After dinner I read the next chapter of Kat and then the next OM fairytale for B. Then S and B wanted to see nadia comenici on video so I googled and found footage of her. We watched amazed! R is working late tonight. Cleaned kitchen again. Said prayers and then just now finished putting B and S to bed. B is working on a maze book up in bed. W was playing guitar. J is reading Mystery of the Periodic Table. H came home bringing dessert.

I still need to put away at least 3 loads of laundry.

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