Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday 11/26

8:39 a.m.

Woke at 7:22. Didn't got to bed until after midnight though and woke up at 6 because S had wet the bed.

Got up, put on load of laundry. Decluttered kitchen a little while waiting for water for tea. I had tidied up a bit before going to bed last night. It is so nice to come down to a clean house! Putzed around on the computer too long while waking up and sipping my tea. Should have gotten the kids up at 8 but now it's 8:30 and I just roused them. Put away clean dishes in dishwasher. H already left for Mass and Spanish class.

Things to do today:

1) Call Dr. O and then send out message reminding about St. Nick's

2) Call dentist. never did that last week!

3) Laundry. Poor R has no clean clothes. I just didn't do laundry since Thanksgiving!

4) Plan RE class; finish grading papers and tests for Brit Lit/Hist. Make sure we have copies of Paradise Lost. Finish reading essay.

I've decided to really focus on J's studies as the organizational center because H and W are kind off on their own a lot. And B and S have a pretty nicely established routine. J needs my attention.

Time to say a rosary!

12:05 p.m. Said the rosary. J and W are having a math morning with the tutor. B and S have been playing so well all morning, I didn't even attempt anything academic with them. They are playing they are superspies. Yesterday B found these old walkie talkies and so this is a continuation of that play. They've been spying on W who is taking it all good heartedly and coming up with different neat gadgets to use in spying. For awhile they were playing with a prism, somehow that was part of the game.

I've been tidying up for the cleaners. The basement hadn't been tidied since Thanksgiving. And I just did the boys room but then got too hungry. I've also been arranging to be a sub EMHC for Christmas Eve Mass and New Years. Whew what a complicated mess involving many e-mails. I also called the carpet cleaners and arranged for that which took measuring carpets.

Still haven't done anything on my to do list above!

3:41 p.m. Cleaners came. I have a huge pile of clean laundry on my bed that needs to be put away. Also, I am working through a mountain of laundry in the laundry room. It's kinda depressing.

Took a shower. Called Dr. O and scheduled him. Also did some other homeschool related stuff. Putzed around internet again. Read the next chapter of A Little History of the World while B and S painted. Assigned J some F&L and FMMA reading.

I still need to:

1) Locate more copies of Paradise Lost.

2) Work on laundry, esp. putting away

3) Plan RE class

4) Send out e-mail reminder about St. Nick's

5) I really wanted to go work at Curves, but it is pouring down rain and I still have lots of laundry and planning to do. I have no motivation either.

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