Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday 11/8

12: 15 p.m. Cold, rainy day. H and W got up early to go to 6;15 mass. Took chem books with them to study at Starbucks and then go to class at 10:00.

We were out of toilet paper, cat food, milk and peanut butter, so I wound up running to the store. S woke up and watched tv but everyone else stayed in bed until 9:30!!!!! Except R who got up and went to work.

Had unhealthy breakfast of donuts and croissants. Took a shower while the kids dressed and ate.

J - practiced piano, did a lesson in Saxon, did his pe (20 push ups, 20 sit ups and 40 squats!!!!!) Now he's rereading FMMA in prep for test.

B and S - sang songs, did mental math and 3 magic squares. B read a whole primary phonics book very, very well. S did a little lesson on contractions, a page of cursive practice and then read us a poem from his reader. He's been playing piano and composing all morning when he isn't doing gymnastics. B has been trying on her new clothes. She is currently wearing her new Christmas outfit, hat and all. She's dining on ramen noodles right now.

H just called she and W are going to a friend's house for lunch and then coming home.

Afternoon: after lunch, B and S played upstairs. J joined them. They were playing carnival, where they set up different stations in J and S's room and I had to go around and play the different games. B made up a game where she took the modeling beeswax and put it in a hat. I picked a piece and then had to match it to something of the same color in the room. If I could then I got to keep the beeswax as my prize. S was just selling sundry items using monopoly money. J was doing the old cup routine. He took the plastic cups that I had bought for H's birthday party. He put a key under one of them and then moved them around so that I had to guess which cup the key was under. He also had another game where he stacked the cups and I had to knock it down with a tennis ball.

I spent serious time trying to declutter and while the house looks better, it is laughable as far I still have to go.

B went to play at neighbors house. M came over and played with J and S.

Went with W to Foxes and bought Anna Magdalena's Notebook for J per request of his piano teacher. I also got a book of Christmas carols because S wants to learn What Child is This. He's actually already picked out the tune. W came with me and tried out the electric guitars. That is going to be his Christmas present.

The traffic and weather were awful. I can't get used to the evenings getting so dark so early.

Came home and realized I'd never gotten the fish out of the freezer so W and I wound up going back out and getting Mexican. Except I forget to get something for H!!!!! I was really rushed ordering the stuff and she had written her order on the back of the list I had. She was mad!!!! So she went out by herself and got her own dinner. Bad, bad mommy!

R came home and read to the two little ones. Then we watched most of I remember Mama. I am hooked on TCM lately.

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