Thursday, November 8, 2007

11/8 Thursday

Well, the day started out badly. Had migraine when I awoke. But it did go away around 10:30 a.m. I was supposed to go to a meeting about E. I didn't make it.

Last night J read some of W's gamer mag. and got really spooked by the grusome pictures. As an antidote I gave him Thomas Finds a Treasure which he read until very late into the night. W got up early to work on his math homework. J got up and then read about book about Blessed William Seelos. But he didn't get his math homework completed but anyway both W and J got math done eventually with tutor. Tutor also helped with chem.

H slept very late too. She and W are going to the library to study because they think they're are too many distractions at home.

B and S - we sang songs and did mental math. I taught S about trading ones in addition.

Read last chapter of Kat Finds a Friend aloud to J, S and B. H and W went and got lunch.

4:56 p.m. Oh dear, whiled away the afternoon in a most unproductive manner! Had nice discussion with H about pro life stuff and other sundry things. Then I spent an inordinate amount of time surfing the net on Medieval Christmas feasts planning the menu for the big Christmas party. Talked to T who said 71 people are expected! Ye gads!

B and S were practing gymnastics downstairs. They took all the cushions off the sofa and got out the DK book on gymnastics. B has almost perfected a no handed cartwheel. Now they are watching junkie TV. J has spent all afternoon in his room listening to Martin the Warrior for the 3 rd time, I think it is.

H and W did go to the library. Now they are on their way home and bringing pizza for dinner. R has worked at home all day. I'm running out to meet with TORCH moms for a bit. Then I have to get to workcamp meeting at church at 7.

J still needs to study for history exam tomorrow. Also I hope I have time to go over catechism lesson with him this evening before bed.

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Hi! :-) Have fun with your novel.