Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday 9/8 Journal of the day

I'm just not much of a blogger lately.

Just feel like jotting down how the day went.

Woke on time 6:30 a.m. and showered. Usually I wait until mid-morning to do that so I can have a little alone time but today since we were going to our TORCH group's Blessed Virgin Mary's birthday party, I knew I wouldn't have time later.

Said rosary with everyone except R of course and H who claimed she was doing Spanish in her room but I think she was just sleeping in.

R had breakfast with us. Second week in a row! The plan is on Monday a.m. he'll speak to the teens about how they are getting along in their academic pursuits. We had a great discussion on the party conventions. He told H, W and J to watch two bios he'd recorded on tv one on Obama and the other on McCain. Then he wants them to visit the candidates websites and read up on them. Further, he wanted them to pick 3 issues they were interested in following and investigate what the candidates had to say on those issues. I don't know if anyone did it today though.

We had a pretty schooly morning. J had to finish up Algebra before the teacher arrived. He also practiced piano a bit. Then he did Algebra with the tutor for a good one and half hours. Then W went in and worked through SAT problems and did a bit of geometry, I believe.

While that was going on H got ready and left for her Spanish class. Supposedly she stayed there for lunch and then did Spanish lab work.

Meanwhile, I with B and S did: penmanship, math, spelling, grammar (with S), read aloud to B her devotional story from CHC and S listened in. Then S read the next entry in Pedro's Journal and then I read aloud the entry that followed that. They've met up the Pinta again.

We also went over Latin. Watched all dvd vocabulary sessions from Ch. 1 to 4 and then I gave S the Ch. 1 quiz just to review and make sure it is really in his head.

We snacked a lot all morning so we didn't really eat lunch.

Left to pick up muffins to take to Mary's Birthday party at a nearby park. The kids made a big rosary out of cupcakes and muffins. We sang happy birthday and then said a decade of the rosary. The park is nicknamed the 'sprinkle park' because there are a bunch of fountains that kids can run through. B got soaking wet. J, S and B all had friends there to play with. I chatted with other moms.

Came back in time to drop off everybody except S. B I think spent the whole time watching Wordgirl, Between the Lions and Tom and Jerry cartoons. H was home and on the computer but said she was working from 5 to 10 tonight. J took care of the puppy and played on the computer. I don't know what W did. Not any school work!

Took S to meet his new piano teacher. She was really nice. He loosened up with her and played some songs that he couldn't play last week in front of the director who really intimidated him. The teacher was pleased. She said he should take a theory class as well. So we tried to sign up for that but the admin guy at the school said he didn't know whether it was going to be actually held has they hadn't gotten the minimum number of students to run the class. He said the teacher would be by in an hour. So S and I walked over to a little deli and ate a very early dinner. He had a cheese burger and I had a yummy veggie melt. Went back and found out the class was not going to happen so came home through rush hour traffic. Took a long time.

Once home tried to corral teens to do more work. W and J had done nothing. W and J both finished up Latin homework for class tomorrow. J did vocab; W worked on history timeline a bit. I checked through W's Rhetoric and spelled out what he needed to do each day this week. It's a bit of a deviation from the pattern of the last 3 weeks.

We had just a come and get it dinner for 2nd night in a row. I must start cooking again for my family. And yet somehow the kitchen is a mess and it is 9:38 p.m. Wahh! I don't feel like cleaning it!

Read more of D'Auliare's Greek Myths; about Deucalion and Prometheus and Pandora. J is reading his American History. W is practicing guitar now. H still at work. R still at work. He's been reading S and B The Phantom Tollbooth and they were disappointed he couldn't get home before bedtime. But S read comics instead and B is listening to a Boomerang cd about Jacque Cousteau.

For housekeeping I managed to get one piddly load of laundry done and it is awaiting me to put it away. Also trash needs to go out.

Started reading The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Seems like an enjoyable and interesting read.

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