Friday, September 12, 2008

My life is too busy for a blog life.

That is why this blog is so anemic. I guess I'll just do the occasional blogging without guilt kind of thing. I know I've seen a little widget on someone's blog with that statement.

I can't believe how fast the week has gone. I managed to blog Monday, but what happened Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are a blur. Let' see what I can recall:

Tuesday: I had actually planned out B and S's lessons so that H could teach them while I, W and J went to Latin class. It was so enjoyable. We got our books which was exciting. We need to do our homework though and I have a feeling we are only going to be able to do it over the weekend. The rest of the week flies by so quickly and in the evenings I am brain dead, so I'm think Sunday afternoons might be Latin homework time for us. Or maybe we'll have to each find a time to do the work separately and then compare our answers.

Anyway, H covered penmanship, math, writing and Latin with S and did reading, math, penmanship, Latin and piano with B.

Tuesday afternoon, J did Lang. Arts, Religion, History and Science. W did Rhetoric, History and lots of guitar playing. Oh, J practiced piano before Latin class.

Wenesday: In the a.m. everybody got something done. We actually did some Greek since we didn't get any done on Monday or Tuesday evenings. Wed is busy. The new piano teacher came. J got upset, ach, he gets frustrated so easily sometimes. I thought he was getting a little better about dissolving into tears so easily but not this time. B had a good time though. H went to her Spanish class and then did lots of homework for the Thursday classes.

Wednesday afternoon is Vision Therapy for W and S. I leave W there and he walks over to get himself a sandwich and then to his band practice, so that is working out well. Then J and S had their first karate class after a summer break. B and I hung out for an hour and watched them. I need to bring cards/games/books to entertain B during this time. Beforehand we ate at McDonalds. Right after karate we had to drive to pick up W and take him to his CLC. Then we came home. So we'd left home at 4:30 and returned home after 8:00. I have a feeling that is the way Wednesdays are going to this semester.

Thursday - R taught Economics to the teens; then I taught American History and Literature. It was a good class, but I'm really wiped out afterwards. However, I can't stop because then I take J to his Odyssey of the Mind meeting. J is enjoying it a lot though. After we came home I made J work on his Religion report and he got a tiny bit written. He read history and science at night. I did manage to teach B and S a little bit in the a.m. while R was teaching Econ but they spent most of the day in front a screen of some sort. However, Th is our traditional pizza day, so I wound up taking everyone out to get pizza since I had to pick up W from his guitar lesson (H had taken him for me.)

Friday - co-op day. It went really well, even though when we got to the resource center they had taken away a room, but it worked out anyway. Everything went very smoothly, logistics-wise. My kids enjoyed all the classes. We got home around 2. H went to do her Span lab stuff on campus. W had mowed the lawn and now he's working on Rhetoric because he doesn't want to have to do much work over the weekend.

I need to reassess things. I think Monday and Tuesday are going to be our heavy-duty academic days. Wednesday is busy with music lessons, VT and karate. Thursday is dominated by the teens' classes and OM. Friday is co-op. I really think to be realistic we are going to have to do J's schoolwork over the weekend some. We just aren't getting it all in each week. That is the rub, when you sign up for a canned type curriculum, which we did when we enrolled him in Kolbe.

So that's the week!

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