Friday, September 5, 2008

Weekly Recap 9/1-9/5

This week lots of activities (though not all!) started up for the fall. So I didn't really focus too much on our LCC routine we've been working at for the last 3 weeks. I decided I needed to relax and just see how the week went. And it went pretty well!

Monday was Labor day so we didn't do anything! R was home and we had all the in laws over. R grilled lunch for us. Then we vegged out the rest of the day.

Tuesday was my first day of Latin class as well as J and W's. I am really excited about it. I have been wanting to learn Latin for so long now and have only managed a very superficial study. In the p.m. S went to an interview with the Levine School of Music. He wasn't happy about it. He really was attached to his old teacher, even though it didn't work out. Sigh. I hope to get him warmed up to piano again. Anyway the invterviewer matched us up with a potential teacher whom we'll meet next Monday.

Wednesday our new piano teacher for J and B came to the house for the kids' first lessons. She seems very nice and the kids approved of her. Also our math tutor came and started J on Algebra and is going to prepare W for the SAT and get him to finish up his geometry credit. Also on Wed. W had his band practice and then CLC. Oh and H had Spanish but somehow she got accidently dropped from the roster so she has to go in and get herself re-registered. Grrr. Vision Therapy has switched back to Wednesday afternoons.

Thursday was the first teen class where R taught Economics to H and W plus 3 other teens. Then I led a American History and Lit class. I think things went well . . . . J started on his Odyssey of the Mind team which looks like it is going to be lots of fun. W had guitar lessons. H worked at Starbucks.

Friday we had our first co-op meeting or Friday school as we've taken to calling it. The kids had a class in ASL which looks like it is going to be terrific. Then another class on Cultural Studies and then another lady and myself taught a nature study class (she's leading lessons for September and I'm leading for October). I think things went surprisingly well because we really didn't feel all that organized going in.

So it was a good and busy week and I'm going to have to figure out how to work regular stuff like math, Latin, Greek, and Language Arts in amidst all the music and outside activities.

We haven't even started tennis, karate, etc.

R watched the RNC each night it was on and the teens watched some with him. We didn't see the DNC for some reason. I never watch any of those things if I can help it. I can't stand listening to speeches! To me it like being assaulted by a door to door salesman; I mean I get the same exact feeling of discomfort.

And now it is Friday afternoon and my brain is fried!

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Brian Barker said...

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