Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekly Report 8/24-8-29

-rosary (only said one decade with W, J, S, B)
-took J to chess camp
-B and S did penmanship
-S did math with daddy - times tables, division, money review
-B did math with me - patterns; read to her from Devotional Stories
-W read history and did copy work from Intro to Devout Life
-H went to first Spanish class
-B did 1 exercise in LoG reviewing captial letters
-B read all 15 spelling words in her spelling lesson
-S and W jammed on guitar and piano - sounded good!
-S and W did VT exercises together
-S did grammar and spelling in WT
-Lunch - (J back from chess) - read aloud next lesson (1.3) in Art of Arg. also read 1st ch. in F&L4
-After lunch watched first two dvd lessons in LfC
-Cleaned up dining room a bit
-met with Rahima in re: science at co-op
-R came home early and took W and J to see Batman at IMAX at Air & Space museum
-J did his Religion and history reading at night after movie
-W did his Rhetoric after returning home from movie

-1 decade of rosary (H joined us!)
-cursive penmanship for S and B; copy work from Intro to Devout Life for W
-J went to chess camp
-S read Pedro's Journal
-B did spelling lesson and a little grammar (titles of respect)
-Read B her first F&L lesson
-B did a couple of very short math lessons on operations and equations
-S did a number of very short lessons on writing out long numbers, measuring and polygons
-W and S jammed on guitar and piano
-Ate lunch out at chick-fil-a after picking up J from chess
-J did history reading and religion
-W, J, S & B reviewed Chapters 3 & 4 on LfC dvd
-W did Class. Rhetoric reading and answered questions (strung this out all night!)
-Read Art of Argument, Nacar and about Artemis from Greek Myths at dinner
-forgot to do Greek!
-Read a little bit of Homer Price but then fell asleep!
-H went out to dinner with friend who speaks Spanish and is going back to college. She said he'd help her with her Spanish. Ha!
-H went to library to read history and do Spanish homework

- 1 decade of rosary
-J to chess camp
-little bit of cursive work for S and B; W copy work from Intro to Devout Life
-B reviewed money
-S wrote spelling words and dictated retelling of The Crow and the Pitcher
-S reviewed 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 times tables with flashcards
-W read lots of American history
-W and S jammed again on guitar and piano
-after lunch did read Art of Argument - overview of Relevancy Fallacies
-reviewed N G D A A and first declension, plus some vocabulary words, did 1 p in Activity book
-Greek; reviewed more of alphabet; everybody is working at their own pace
-H got up early and did Spanish homework then went off to class

-didn't get rosary said at all; woke up late on rainy, lazy day
-J's last day of chess camp
-B, S did screen while I showered (not our ususal school day beginning!)
-did a tiny bit of cursive, tiny bit of spelling, tiny bit of religion with B and J
-W did copy work; what else?
-B asked about lizards she saw on our porch so we looked Reader's Digest Guide to find out
-somehow talked about the Panama canal; googled it
-S read more Pedro's Journal then I read some; he's getting kind of interested
-B spent a lot of time on starfall she's getting better at reading
-B colored lots of prints out and made everybody cards from starfall
-did a midday tidy up
-dog trainer came
-took W to guitar lessons
-S to VT

-read Mass readings for this Sunday
-tiny bit of cursive penmanship and copy work for myself and W
-Read Art of Argument at breakfast
-did more Greek alphabet review
-S took spelling quiz and dictated retelling of the Crow and the Pitcher
-S read more Pedro's Journal
-pretty lazy, unschoolish day; raining all day
-almost finished Homer Price
-read about Hermes in Greek Myths

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