Sunday, August 17, 2008

Homer Price, Dog parks and Duck Soup

I just thought I'd record this day. . . .

Woke early and did internet stuff. Sat out on the screen porch with Tillie the puppy and listened to the birds chirp, that is until they started construction again on the housing development behind us. Somebody is out there working every day between 7 and 8 a.m. It certainly ruins a peaceful Sunday morning.

B asked me to read her Homer Price last night, so I read the first chapter. She was interested in it because S has such fond memories of being read that book aloud. He listened in too. This morning J got up and found the book and started reading it to himself. He carried it around all day until he finished it.

H got up, went to Mass and then on to work. I told her no more working on Sundays unless there's a really good reason. The rest of us got ready and went to breakfast and then on to Mass. After Mass we walked by Fr. Pat and stopped to shake hands. Even though it has been weeks since Grandmom died, Fr. Pat remembered R and told him how sorry he was to hear of it and blessed us both. I just find that phenomenal because our parish is really big and I don't know how he keeps names and details about people straight. R was very touched by it.

Since we spent yesterday inside most of the time and the weather continues to be beautiful summer weather, not too hot or muggy, we decided we'd go on a walk at a park. But then we decided we'd take Tillie to the nearest dog park. She's only 5 months old and hasn't been introduced to too many other dogs. We all got ready to go (except W who said he was staying home to take a shower). The dog park was fun. Tillie adapted right away and ran and ran with a couple of other dogs, then she got hot and laid down. We had to go into the small dog fenced area but could see the big dogs on the other side of the fence in their area. Some of those dogs were huge! Made me happy we decided on a Sheltie, not too small, not too big! Just right! We also discovered that we are supposed to have a dog license. I didn't know! Shouldn't the vet or the breeder or somebody have told me that? Anyway I have to look into that. You are supposed to have your license number or something when you go to the dog park. What silliness!

After that we hung out for a bit in the playground, R talked to his dad on his cell phone. Came home. R went to visit H at Starbucks and B went with him. S played Super Smashback Bros. J read Homer Price. I didn't do much but finally got up energy to put away laundry and unload dishwasher and other boring putzy stuff.

H and W went to a surprise going away party for one of their friends who is going to the University of Dallas. W dressed up in a suit for some reason. He also cut a cd for dance music before he left.

R brought home a new lion fish. We've gone through 3 so far. I hope this one lives. Then we did something silly. I'd been noticing these stickers of cartoonish families on the back windows of car/mini-vans and I had wondered about them. Suddenly R was inspired to get one for us. So he googled and went to and we custom made our own family sticker. We are supposed to get it in ten days or so.

R grilled steak and I made a salad. We ate on the screen porch.

After dinner we watched Duck Soup with the Marx brothers. The kids thought it was hysterically funny! They were hooting with laughter. R is reading the first Artemis Fowl book the B and S.

So tomorrow we start up a slightly fuller week. I'm adding in Vision Therapy exercises (we're supposed to have been doing this all along but I just kept forgetting. But now I'm going to try to work it into our routine since we really didn't have a routine before. So many things slip through the cracks if I don't have a regular pattern for getting things done. I'm also going to add in language arts.

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James S. Huggins said...

The University of Dallas is a great school. Different. But great. I hope that friend is planning to go to the Rome Campus as a sophomore. It is a not-to-be-missed part of the whole UD thing.

James S. Huggins