Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekly Report 8/11-8/15

Monday -

Last day of relaxing before switching into LCC mode. We are easing into things this year so hopefully we'll be completely up to speed come the first week of Sept. For now I'm just focusing on copywork and penmanship, finishing up our summer Greek study, read alouds and reading practice for the youngest two and some math for them too.

B said rosary with me in a.m. So sweet!

B read from Little Angel Reader A - she'd lost interest in reading lessons so I was unschooling her, but Mon I told her we needed to start up lessons. She picked the reader and wanted to start from the very beginning. She read the whole list of words in the first lesson out loud to me while I fell asleep on the couch!

Took W to lunch to talk about expectations for the year.

Tuesday -

Had horrible migraine all night; didn't think school would get done at all, but we:

- started penmanship: S did MP cursive; B - CHC cursive; J yo Italic cursive

- finished up Greek alphabet

- W read 3 chapters in Am. Hist.

- J read some in Christ and the Americas (not sure how much)

- S and B listened to D'Auliare's Greek Myths and more of Nacar, the White Deer

Took S to lunch and showed him all his books and talk about expectations.

In the evening, B read me 4 pages from her reader. I kept expecting her to be like her brothers and want to stop after every page but she was so enjoying herself she kept going.

R is reading Through the Looking Glass to B, S and J.


B got up early and I told her I thought we'd break into new math program after breakfast. She was so excited about it though she demanded we start before breakfast. She took the first diagnostic test and got 100% She was so proud of herself.

S came down while I was doing math with B and wanted to do his math too. He did the first lesson on telling time. He said he felt he didn't know how to tell time well enough but he answered every question perfectly, so he felt really good about himself then. He certainly deals with insecurity issues a lot. What to do about that????

Wonderful morning rosary with W, J, S and B. What a blessing!

After breakfast:

W - Italics cursive, J - copy work from Intro to Devout Life, S - Classical cursive, B - copy book (she drew a picture and then asked me how to spell Don't ask!) Me - another quote from Intro to Devout Life.

Greek - practiced writing Greek alphabet and learned Greek word for "Lord"

Read more of D'Auliare's Greek Myths

J - read more from Christ and the Americas; W - read from Story of US

H - stayed in bed all morning reading Northanger Abbey.

Took B to lunch and showed her all her books. She is so proud of learning Greek and Latin!

I restricted screen time so J started reading a book about UFO's. Not sure if it appropriate for a 13 yo! S and B dug out old puppets and played with them off and on all day.

W - practiced guitar and then went to band practice then CLC

H has been her usual distant self. It's like living with a ghost who just pops up to complain about something or ask to use the car.

Read more of Nacar, The White Deer. Did a little bit of our first art lesson after dinner. Started S on McGuffey's 3rd grade reader. Read about articulation.


Morning Rosary with B, S and J

Greek- reviewed alphabet, reviewed word for Lord and learned word for 'my'

Religion - read a long story about Maximilian Kolbe, his feast day today

J and W did some Saxon math facts on mulitplication and division, just to get gears rolling

Did Shiller math with B and S - what fun!

S began reading Pedro's Journal

J read his history, don't know if W did

H has read all her history for the week; is finishing up Northanger Abbey and we reviewed some Spanish vocabulary today.

W to guitar lessons

W and S to VT

Read Nacar the White Deer after dinner and read about Io and Zeus in D'Auliares.

B read a page from her reader very well but was grumpy and didn't want to do more.


Is the Feast of the Assumption so I'm toying with not doing much and trying to make the 9:15 Mass for the littles in the a.m. That way H can sing in the choir at the 7:30 p.m. Mass and I can go to the 7:30 Tridentine Latin Mass tomorrow night (I've been wanting to check out the Tridentine Mass for a while and this seems like a good opportunity). However, I need R to be home from work in time for all this.

I do hope W and J finish up their assigned history for the week. I hope S reads more of Pedro's Journal and I'll read Nacar and D'Auliare's Greek Myths and R will read more Through the Looking Glass.


Willa said...

I sure like this way of jotting down learning notes. I am curious about how you manage it that way -- whether you keep a running draft, and then hit post, or what. Also, do you mind if I borrow your format?

Faith said...

Hi Willa!

Yes that is exactly what I did. I recorded what we'd done all week and saved as a draft. But then I pared down what I wrote before I hit publish! It just got too long and detailed for a weekly report. You absolutely may borrow my format!

Anonymous said...

I think I might start doing weekly posts like this again. :-)