Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekly Report 8/18-8/22


-Said Rosary with B, S, J and W

-did last lesson in Greek book - Gr. word for helper

-cursive penmanship for all

-W, J did Saxon drill sheets - multiplication and reducing fractions

-Shiller with B learning about rows and columns, S-reviewed 8 x tables

-J did Voyages in English (VIE) grammar lesson

-S began first lesson in Writing Tales (WT)

-B played barber shop with many stuffed animals using a paintbrush instead of scissors! Didn't get to her CHC lang. arts this a.m.

-J read history

-W read history

- J practiced piano

-H had visiting out of town friend over unexpectantly. H cleaned her room and now went to lunch with friend.

-11:09 right now everyone is supposed to be cleaning their rooms because the cleaners are here at 12:00. J, S and B are listening to Boomerang cd in boys room. I guess W is going to clean up after B then.

B worked a little but then went out to roller blade. W, J and S cleaned their rooms. I tidied up our bedroom, then the steps and front hall which had become junk piles. I found stuff from May!!

B and I went grocery shopping.

-W did first lesson in Classical Rhetoric; he seems mildly interested in it.

-J did first assignment in vocabulary and short story lit program

-B wanted me to read next ch. of Homer Price which I did

-B did first page of spelling (we cuddled on my bed to do it); did 1st p. of Language of God (LoG) then she wanted to do the next page but we only got through 1/2. Mommy gave out!

-Read Nacar, and Greek Myths to S and B after dinner

- W is trying to teach himself Moonlight Sonata on the guitar

- J, S and B loved Duck Soup so much they begged to watch it again with W tonight, so that's what they are doing now.


-rosary (W, J, S, B)

-W mowed lawn in a.m. and consquently didn't do any morning work with us

-penmanship (J, S, B)

-Started new Greek workbook

-Math - B learned about patterns and skip counting; S reviewed 8, 9 times tables

-J - grammar, vocab

-J - history reading

S - did day 2 in WT1

B - did next spelling page; finished page from yesterday in LoG

Finished by 10:35!!!!!

Lunch - started Art of Argument

after lunch

B read a tiny bit from her reader

W - did all his school work for the day.

J, S, B and I went to visit H at Starbucks and then to library

Home again - read B 3 picture books and next ch. of Homer Price

W and R (via phone) are figuring out some way to hook up program to Mac for music composition.

Read Nacar and Greek Myths (Athena and Acrachne)

Watched the original Herbie the Love Bug movie - Fun!


-said rosary during breakfast

-did several pages in Greek workbook; kids didn't want to stop

-S looked up vocabulary words in dictionary

-B did tiny bit of spelling

-S read more in Pedro's Journal

-J did Kolbe Lang. Arts (VIE, Vocab, Sh. Story)

-J history reading

- ended at 10:00 a.m.

-went to 11:00 co-op meeting

Good day for socialization B played with friends at co-op meeting and then next door neighbor, S went bowling with his friend Joe and then played at his house all p.m. J's friend Steven came over in p.m. W went to his band practice and then SoR practice and then CLC. H was out all day with friends. Gave blood with too. Now she's off to work. R worked at home today.

-read Nacar and Greek Myths


-rosary (B, S, J, W)

-penmanship (all except W who couldn't find his book!)

-Greek (reviewing alphabet)

-W, S did Vision therapy homework

-B - Shiller math on patterns

- J read Am. History and did some language arts, says he needs me to complete this p.m.

-W read history; started on Rhetoric

-B did spelling words: I reviewed on whiteboard but then she insisted on copying over so I could grade her. She copied over 11 of the 15 words on her own initiative. I gave her 100%

- S read Pedro's Journal and actually seemed to like it; I read the next entry out loud to him.

-S reviewed 8, 6, 5 and 4 times tables with flashcards

-S did WT assignment on sentences.
-read Art of Argument at Lunch
-after lunch finished up grammar with W and J


We are going to Mass and then spending the day at the zoo!

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