Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy Weekend

Yesterday, I cajoled Becky and Sean into starting history notebooks. What inspired it was twofold. I was cleaning through some cds and stumbled upon two cds I had purchased from Hold That Thought a couple years ago. . . . and had never used. Am I a compulsive buyer or what? Anyway, I got them out and looked at them and right off the bat I saw that it could, in theory, be complementary to all the read aloud we are doing. Both Sean and Becky were proud of the binders they used for our 1 semester co-op that we did last fall. Becky is so attached to it, she won't let me re-use the binder for something else. It dawned on me that they actually like seeing output for what they are learning. They don't always enjoy making that output but they always seem to enjoy having that output there. So I announced that we were going to start notebooking for our history read alouds. We didn't get far on it. I told them they could decorate their new binders and then showed them the nifty binder covers on the Hold That Thought history cds. But they didn't want to do that. Years ago they decorated their copybooks and they wanted to decorate these new binders the same way. So we spent a lot of time looking for coloring sheets of Princess Peach and Mario. Sean also put a picture of Homestarrunner on his notebook!

After that we had a make up Vision Therapy session to go to and then on to tennis lessons. Josh spent a good deal of the morning reading Beowulf.

Anyway, after tennis, Josh had his friend over. Hannah and I got ready for her homeschool graduation. Becky asked me if she could pick out the clothes I would wear, since I had to dress up for the occasion. She was all excited about rooting through my closet for. She shows very good taste. She picked out a long jean skirt (it doesn't look casual at all; it's a very fancy jean skirt!) and a black long sleeve kind of stretchy knit shirt that has sparkles around the neckline. I had completely forgotten I had that shirt. Anyway, the outfit was nice!

Went to Hannah's graduation which was lovely. There was a beautiful mass and then a nice graducation ceremony and little reception afterwards. I didn't tear up though but I did do a lot of praying!

Meanwhile, Rick took Will, Josh, his friend, Sean, his friend and Becky to see The Pirates of Penance. I stupidly told Rick it would be alright to get the tickets for Friday night instead of Saturday because I thought the graduation was Sat. night. Duh. So they were at the Pirates of Penzance having a great time. Everybody enjoyed it immensely.

Today is Sat. Becky wants me to take her to the homeschool curriculum sale. Not because I need anymore homeschool stuff, but because her friends are going to be there! Then I take Will to his band practice from 1 to 4. Then we go to 5:30 evening Mass tonight because tomorrow we go over to Baltimore for a big family + more picnic put on by FIL's new girlfriend! But wait, tonight Rick and I are also going to the opera! We are going to see Turandot! I love the music in Turandot! This will be my second time to see it. And this is the last opera of the season. No more until next fall.

Also Hannah is going out tonight with kids, don't remember the occasion. And tomorrow night both Will and Hannah go out to a graduation party. It is just partying time all the time around here!

And I have already scheduled an hour of Latin homework today at 11:00 a.m. We have lots of homework and I don't want to try to cram it all into Monday. Too busy that day! But of course I have to be back from the curriculum fair by then, don't I?

So when, you may ask, will I be able to do things like laundry and cleaning the kitchen? Probably won't happen much. But that's okay.

Okay, time to go get bagels and coffee. Good morning!

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