Thursday, July 16, 2009

A little bit of progress

  • Today started off a bit discombobulated. I couldn't find my car keys. Becky woke up sick and didn't go to music camp. Then because I couldn't find my keys which had my Curves pass on it, I didn't make it to Curves which I had promised myself I'd do.
  • Spent a lot of the morning with Becky. We started On The Shores of Silver Lake and read lots of it. Then she listened to her new audiobook she got for her birthday, Owls in the Family by Farley Mowat.
  • My sister came over and dropped Josh off and visited some more.
  • Picked up Sean from Music Camp.
  • Housekeeping: I cleared off the credenza in the dining room and began the rudiments of the Religion center.
  • Cleaned off the dining room table. That hasn't been done since Passover. Things were piled a mile high on it. Sean helped me a little. Fill a big trashbag but it still needs more clearing.
  • Found a lost library book! Found a handwritten draft of 5th grade reading schedule I had drafted a couple months ago for Sean based on the Faith and Family reader and A Book of Gratitude.
  • Typed up the reading schedule. It is for 3x a week from September through Christmas.
  • Took Hannah to the metro. She was going into town with her friend to visit an art gallery. This was good because I needed to use (her) car. She's actually reading a book on her own! It is the diary of a marine in bootcamp. Phil's mother sent it to her. I started reading it when she ran into the bank to deposit some checks. It was actually well written and interesting! Took Will to his guitar lesson. Will then went to VT afterwards and then walked to the library only to find it closes at 6 p.m. now. I guess that is the result of budget cuts. Seems a bit early to me!
  • Bought a roasted chicken at the store for dinner. Picked up Will.
  • Found my car keys! Hurrah!
  • Read Johnny Tremain out loud to Becky and Sean. They are starting to enjoy it.
  • Poor Becky is still sick. Sore throat and headache and absolutely no energy. No fever though.
  • Will moved the little bookcase from the basement up to the third floor where I plan to create a reading center.

So in spite of Becky's illness and visits and running around, I am happy that I started to tackle some decluttering and organizing.


Suburban Correspondent said...

There were budget cuts because we stopped using those libraries - they're really suffering without all those overdue fines we used to pay!

Us! said...

Hi Faith,
This is sort of a random question, but I have a child to whom reading is very difficult and exhausting and wondered if you had this experience with your daughter? My daughter is only 12 and I wondered if I could ask for any sage words as you are so much further down the track (if this is even relevant!).

Thank you,

Faith said...

Hi Kristie,

My kids have now all been diagnosed with reading difficulties, so I tend to think all the reading problems stem from their particular problems! They have trouble with their eyes working together, immature muscles that fatigue easily, muscles that are too rigid and don't go in and out of focus as quickly as they should. So my advice would be to have your child checked out by a Developmental Optomatrist. I would check it out asap because the therapy works faster on younger kids than older ones/adults. It can be hard to get the therapy covered by ins. You can do a lot of the work at home, but you need a vision therapist to evaluate and guide you.