Sunday, December 13, 2009

Divine Comedy Resources

I really want to study the Divine Comedy with Josh. I'd forgotten about it before when I was planning his 10th year. I think it fits in best when we study Church History so I'm going to have to tweak things a bit. It might be best to stretch it out slowly over the course of the year. Anyway, I've gotten some good ideas from the WTM board so I'm going to compile them here:

Teaching Co. lectures on Divine Comedy

Longfellow's Translation (with spooky illustrations)

Peter Leithart's book on the subject (gotta go look this up)

I was looking things up on Amazon and it looks like Naxos has a good audio reading.

Kolbe has a set of guides for each section inferno, purgatorio, paridiso

I already own Dorothy L. Sayers translations

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Suburban Correspondent said...

A friend of mine ended up specializing in this (Italian Romance studies PhD). He saved me once in college by pointing out to me that All The King's Men (by Robert Penn Warren) is rife with Dante-esque themes (on purpose). He listed the themes and I was able to write the term paper in one night.

Nice guy...