Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weekly Report 11/30/09 - 12/4/09

  • S started reading The Toothpaste Millionaire out loud to B. So cute! After he reads a chapter he has her narrate back to him! Hysterical! And he's the one who is always so reluctant!
  • S has also been composing up a storm, writing lots of new music on the piano. He also picked out the Peanuts theme. He really upped his practice because he has jury next week. That always motivates him.
  • S has also been drawing a lot, creating new characters for his comic strip.
  • S stayed up late last night writing 3 pages (!!!!! from the kid who hates handwriting) of a stand up comedian routine he thought up. I kept telling him to go to sleep but he was afraid that he'd forget it.
  • B loved making a big evergreen tree out of poster board for our Jesse Tree
  • B is also the reminder for lighting the advent wreath at night. She loves it.
  • I started listening to Story of a Soul on audio in the car. B is absolutely enthralled with it. S and J have been listening in too.
  • W started working out at a new gym he joined.
  • W also started an informal Bible study with a friend. He and friend went to Mass Mon evening and then discussed the book of Wisdom
  • J read A View from Saturday by Konisburg. Unfortunately he read it in one night (starting it about 9 in the evening and finishing it about 3 a.m. This has turned him into Mr. Grumpy-bear!
  • S uncovered a Christmas present from LAST year that he had never opened! It was hiding in his closet! Anyway, it is a very cool magnetix marble run. He and B set it up in the living room and played with it for hours.
  • Went on a field trip to local park on Wed. morning. We are volunteering to help the park reorganize their bluebird trail and rebuild some of the bluebird boxes that have fallen into disrepair.
  • Since B has been so afraid at night and since R is out of town I let her sleep with me. This makes her so happy. We both sat up in bed last night reading. I'm reading an excellent book on The Old Testament. She was reading Hop on Pop. She sounded out the word 'around'. I think VT is really helping her. She is conquering this reading stuff!
  • S and B have been having fun recording all sorts of things on W's Garage Band demo. S has also been creating music on some game on a website entitled, Sheep Beats.
  • W took B and S to see Fantastic Mr. Fox on Thurs.
  • We had our last cartooning class on Wed. The teacher brought in cells from when she used to work at Disney! She recommended a class she knew of for S who is so interested in animation. I'll have to look into it.
Schoolish stuff:
  • Read alouds: Still working through Freedom Train, Archimedes to both S and B and Down to the Bonny Glen to B. Rick is out of town on business this week, so no read alouds from Daddy. So sad. . . .
  • did Latin homework and studied for quiz. I got a 100% I don't know what J and W got, they didn't get their quizzes back yet.
  • J did lessons 29, 30 in Saxon Alg II. It is hard to do Algebra without Rick here as he is the main teacher.
  • I am determined to finish the Iliad this week. We have stretched this out soooo long! And I want W to get a credit for Greek Lit and I don't want much overlap into next semester. He'll be swamped with music lessons, Comm. Coll. courses, Latin and Writing. So far we've read up to the first half of book 16.
  • B has been working on 'regrouping' or as I was taught it 'carrying' She really didn't get the concept and I realize she didn't truly understand place value. It is such an abstract concept! But she is starting to get into the rhythm of how to add big numbers just by following the formula. S had been reviewing his times tables and doing simple division.
  • Enrolled W in writeguide program for next semester so he can finally get his Eng. Comp and Grammar credit and 'graduate' high school!
  • today we've got Socratic Discussion Group this a.m. (they are coming here and I've got to do a quick vacuum before they arrive!)
  • J and I hope to go to Mass at noon since we didn't make it earlier in the week.
  • Hopefully W, J and I will get through two more books of the Iliad today! I'm determined to finish it by Sunday evening
  • Rick gets back this evening! Can't wait!
  • W has a big two hour piano lesson scheduled with his teacher on Sat. He's got his jury next Tuesday.


Carrie said...

I'm glad you joined in this week! I love how your blog reminds me that all the *other* stuff we do is educational, too! Have a great weekend! ;)

Daisy said...

I love your week. You have a wonderful mix of real-life learning and bookish learning.

Rhonda said...

I enjoyed reading about your week. Like Daisy, I like how you mix of hands on learning and "book" learning.
Looks like an interesting week-nice!