Wednesday, October 15, 2008


  • Got up very early to get Will to PSAT at public high school

  • Came home and listened to my new Leahy cd. Sean and Becky were up and enjoying it and playing with the puppy.

  • Hannh got up and went to Spanish class

  • Read about Rene de La Salle and the founding of New Orleans

  • Sean recited 1st and 2nd (m) declensions and conjugated amo

  • Josh, Sean and Becky and myself said most of a rosary on the porch (in honor of Sukkos!) but then the music teacher arrived for Becky. I had completely forgotten she was coming!

  • Picked up Will from PSAT

  • Sean finished reading My Father's Dragon

  • Josh was supposed to be writing his essay for Kolbe on Old Man and the Sea but found a book of Edward Lear Limericks and started composing Limericks instead with the help of Sean.

  • Becky learned to ride a two wheeler without training wheels on Sunday. Major achievement. Rick has now taught all 5 kids to ride bikes! Anyway, she wants me to take her to the cul de sac so she can practice right now.

  • Talked and read a very little bit about St. Theresa of Avila

  • Afternoon down time: I went up to read An Infamous Army by Georgette Heyer (set in Brussels right before Waterloo) and fell asleep. Will read The Scarlet Letter, Josh did I don't know what???? Sean played SSB, Becky watched Ruff, Ruffman and Arthur.

  • Hannah came home, she got a B on her midterm. She thinks she can pull her grades up to an A. She's decided that she needs to get back to daily Mass to help her keep up her momentum. She does better when she prays!

  • Took Will and Sean to vision therapy but forgot that there is no VT today. VT is away for a week. Will did his usual Wed. afternoon thing of walking to deli, eating then going to SOR or Library to do school work.

  • Hannah is busy making up her schedule and doing laundry.

  • I got Level 3 of Hey Andrew and have been looking through it. The coolest thing is they have a copy book in Greek of the Gospel of John. It is a long term effort but you can copy over the entire Gospel of John in Greek. Am I weird for thinking that is the coolest thing ever?????

  • Must plan for Blue Knights tomorrow and Co-op on Friday. We aren't actually going to co-op but I still need to do all the lesson planning and must get it to one of the other ladies to take there. My parish school invited Jim Weiss to speak at their school and they have invited all the homeschoolers in the parish as well. Isn't that mighty nice of them? I appreciate it very much. So we are going to that instead on Friday morning.

  • Josh has been trying to write his essay on Old Man and the Sea. Let me go see how he is doing. Well, he came to me. He wrote a paragraph on courage. It is a start!

  • Took kids to McDonald's for dinner. Hannah went to work at Starbucks. Had nice conversation about what the difference between the common meaning of freedom and what a Christian would define as freedom (freedom from sin). I tried to explain the whole financial crisis but realized I simply don't understand it enough. Need Rick.

  • Sean and Josh went to Karate class which they are loving.

  • Becky and I took a 30 minutes walk through the neighborhood around the rec center. Then came back and she worked in a Sight reading workbook I picked up at B&N. It was 'fun' but she was learning spelling and reading.

  • Rick read some of a Molly (American Girl) book to Becky. Then he read to both Sean and Becky from the second Mary Poppins book, Mary Poppins Comes Back. Sean also practiced piano. Josh read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

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SuburbanCorrespondent said...

You got a nap - I'm jealous!