Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blogging this day 10/8

Becky crawled into bed with me at 3:00 a.m. So I laid awake until almost 6, fell asleep until 7:30 a.m. Am very tired and draggy now.

Don't know why but decided to blog this day. It is now 12:00 p.m.

Hannah woke up early and studied for her Spanish midterm, curled up on the couch in the living room. Freezing cold in the house so I put on the heat. She left early to get to class and study there. I think she said she planned to do her lab work today too. Usually she does that on Friday but she wants a 4 day weekend (Columbus Day weekend).

Becky got up next. She's coming down with the minor cold that we all seem to be fighting. She huddled on the couch in the family room for a bit.

Others woke & showered (including myself). I am out of tea. Horrors! Must get more.

After breakfast where everybody ate whatever (Sean had a hot dog!) Becky did her music theory homework. Her piano lesson was at 10:30. Josh decided to go gung ho on his Greek, he is racing ahead of everyone. He's ten pages ahead of me and very proud of that fact. I ordered the next level of workbooks in Hey Andrew.

Seano did a little bit of Greek, as did Becky. Seano also did some cursive practice. Becky wrote a sentence about Tillie in her grammar workbook. She didn't want to write anymore than that. Seano did a bit of vision therapy. Seano read the next chapter in My Father's Dragon. I tried to get Becky to read a Little Bear book with me but she balked. Then she decided she wanted to read a chapter book like Sean so she chose The Littles but then she announced she planned on starting it tomorrow. I had gotten the times tables flashcards out for Sean but she wanted me to teach her the 4 times tables so I did. She was very proud of herself. We figured out that the pattern of the 4x table is just adding 4 each time.

I quizzed Josh on his spelling/vocabulary words which somehow lead to a discussion about Dr. Martin Luther King and what racism is, etc. Good discussion. Now Josh is supposed to be doing some of his Algebra I homework or he could be reading his Christ and the Americas, not sure which he chose to do now.

Will spent the morning reading his American History (I think he's still in Vol II of The Story of US by Hakim.) I told him to read his William Cullen Bryant poems for tomorrow and I believe he needs to read Econ as well. But right now he is reading Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to Seano. Becky is playing on the computer; some Halloweenish game on Noggin. Hannah just got home from Spanish. She doesn't know how she did on the midterm.

9:05 p.m. Let me finish up this journal here. Okay so what happened after lunch????? I don't think I got to math or Latin with Becky and Sean. I did reread the Christ and the Americas chapter to Josh while we were trying to answer the end of chapter questions. Josh did 1/4 of his Algebra homework. He did this by counting up all the problems he has to do and dividing it by 4! The tutor isn't coming on Monday so he's got a little more work to get done to make up for the holiday.

Took Sean and Will to vision therapy. Becky came with me. We went to Starbucks. I read William Cullen Bryant poetry in the waiting room. Becky loves to watch the VT work with the boys. It looks like fun to her! As usual, Will brought some reading and other work with him. I left him at the VT, he goes second. After his session he walks over to a neighborhood deli joint were he knows some of the kids who work behind the counter (and he's gotten friendly with the owner.) He eats there and then he either hangs out for a bit at the School of Rock or he goes to the library and studies there.

Came home and cleaned up kitchen a bit and moved laundry. Rick is coming home and I thought it might be nice to not have the house in complete shambles. Took Josh and Sean to Karate with Becky accompanying. Hannah by this time had gone to work. Josh and Sean now have ghees (or however you spell it). So they looked official. Becky has made a little girlfriend (sister of a boy in the karate class) so they've been playing together for that hour. Cute little Indian girl. The mom and I have been chatting too.

After karate I took the kids home right away because Rick was expected home from the airport right about then. We got in and there he was, looking tired. Then I dashed off to pick up Will at the library and take him to CLC. Came home again. Rick had finished reading Mary Poppins to Becky and Sean. I think he plans to read Artemis Fowl to them next. We said prayers a bit early and both Sean and Becky are listening to Boomerang CDs in their rooms. Josh is reading Economics with Rick, who is busy planning his class and grading tests. I need to plan my history and lit lessons too!

Yom Kippur began at sundown. Rick ate hurriedly at the airport before the sun went completely down. He always fasts.

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SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Totally forgot today was Yom Kippur. Maybe that's why I was taken ill...