Monday, October 13, 2008

Domestic goals for this week

In the flurry of activity that September brought, I have completely dropped the ball on anything domestic. And now it is October 12 and I am feeling the fallout! This last week reached a new low in my abandonment of my housewifely duties. I never even went grocery shopping for the week and of course no meal planning. We ate out an obscene number of times; junk food that is obscenely unhealthy for us. I had actually lost 6 pounds but now am back at my old weight of 159.5!!!!!!! When it goes to 160 I fall into a deep, deep depression. The house is also in a terrible state. It is so bad that when Hannah's date came to pick her up for his Homecoming Dance, accompanied by his mother and aunt who wanted to take photos, I wouldn't even let them into the house. So we took pictures out on the front lawn (which needed mowing and the garden is absolutely overgrown and the paint is peeling off the walls; we really need to get new siding but it is so darn expensive!!!!). And then while eating breakfast out Sunday morning, we were all discussing having a party for Hannah for her upcoming 18th birthday. And Josh says, "We don't have to worry about what a mess a party would make; our house comes pre-trashed!" Oh, goodness.

So here are my weekly goals:

1. Rosary every morning. When I start the day like this I feel much more on top of things and I have a better attitude towards the chores in my life I find less than attractive.

2. Eat well. I went grocery shopping yesterday and I have actually planned out balanced meals for the week! Yahoo!

3. Take a walk every day. I have a dog, this should help, right??????

4. Do a load of laundry everyday. We are all suffering because I have gotten out of this very good habit.

5. Focus on a different hot spot every day; even if it is for just ten minutes. Today, I want to clean up the upstairs hall which has become a junk pile as has the settee in our front hall. Rick promised to help (some of it needs to be stored up in the attic.)

Okay, time to get moving!

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