Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's Tuesday so I must be able to blog!

I noticed the last time I blogged it was last Tuesday. I do have a moment to breath on Tuesday afternoons, so I guess this can be my blogging time.

  • Rick is in California AGAIN. He's flown out there every week for the past several weeks. He won't need to go next week though. Poor guy. He is now 46 and jet lag takes a bigger toll on him than his younger days. He was soooo tired for his birthday. But he says he had a nice one, albeit very lowkeyed, which frankly was all he was up for. Becky made him a card. He took the kids out for breakfast while I substituted for Hannah in her RE class. She was not feeling well. She got up to sing her solo (Psalm) at Mass a but then came home because she felt so under the weather. Everybody seems to be feeling this way the last few days. Anyway, then Rick's family came over for Rosh Hashanah/Birthday. Oh I made a lemon cake in the a.m. Rick grilled, which always makes him happy! I bought him balloons. . . .We all attended the 6:00 p.m. Teen Mass they have at our parish on the 1st Sunday of the month. Hannah sang in the choir and Will played his electric guitar. It was pretty good. Afterwards Hannah and Will stayed after and helped bake cookies for the prison mininstry with the rest of the Youth Group. Josh couldn't stay because he hadn't gotten his Algebra homework done for his tutor.
  • Saturday, Rick and I went to see The Pearl Fishers by Bizet. It has one of the most glorious duets in it and it was beautifully sung. Shivers up and down my spine! That opera was a lot shorter than La Traviata the week before. Which was good because did I mention that Rick was really jet lagged????
  • Also on Saturday, Will's band, the Hypotheticals, got together for a practice. He's introduced two new members that he met at the School of Rock. One being a young lady bassist who had asked him to go to her high school Homecoming but then they decided to just spend the day together. This was good because I needed Will to babysit and so he and his little girlfriend watched the younger kids. She seems like a very nice young lady.
  • Hannah has been having boyfriend mother trouble, as in boyfriend's mother is crazed overprotective. I offered to talk to her for them; maybe I can calm her down??????? I can assure her Hannah will not seduce her son which I think is what she is afraid of. . . . .
  • All this boyfriend trouble inspired a good conversation though between Hannah and me on just what is chaste behavior in a dating relationship. It's fine to think about this before one enters into a relationship, but I'm discovering this stuff needs to be reiterated fairly often when one's child is actually in a relationship!
  • Hannah is very excited and nervous about going to Homecoming next week. She's somewhat intimidated by meeting all of bf's friends. She's the weirdo homeschooler while they are all smart math and science geeks (they go to a special school for smart kids!!!). She's also thinking of going to a Halloween party as a flapper, bf will be a gangster. At least that's the plan as of this a.m.
  • Nothing much to report on the younger kids . . . maybe I should pay more attention to them, eh??? Right now Sean and Becky are outside playing with Sean's friend. Not sure where Josh is. Will is at Led Zeppelin practice and Hannah is at work.
  • Sean was feeling very appreciative about things yesterday. On the way to his piano lesson he announced that he was very happy God created music. Later on in his music theory class he said the same thing to another student, "Aren't you happy God created music?" The other kid looked at him like he had suddenly sprouted antennae or something and could not even recover enough to come back with any kind of remark. I'm still chuckling at the kid's look of absolute befuddlement. Sheesh, these public school kids!
  • My big plan tonight, on this feast of the Holy Rosary, is to actually say a rosary instead of our usual night prayers. I'm still struggling to say the Rosary in the a.m. It might have to shift to another time of the day. . . . . stay tuned.

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