Thursday, February 19, 2009

Journal 2/19

Didn't get rosary said this a.m. I'd been so good M, T, and W.

Rick taught the last Economics class today and started Government. He's using Declaration Statesmanship as a base text but plans to supplement. He wants to write his own curriculum. Something that simply goes through each line of the Constitution and then reflects of what the words mean and how our interpretation has been changed and how they are applied today.

Watched the next episode in the The Civil War series. This series is so long and I can't fit it all into our Thursday morning class time so I'm going to have to pick and choose which episodes to watch.

Sean played a Zoombinis game this a.m. Becky slept in. When she awoke I read them both the next chapter of the Wanderings of Odysseus which I hadn't read in over a week. This is chapter where Ulysses meets his old dog and then his old nurse who recognizes it but poor Penelope doesn't.

Sean played Castlevaynia while Becky kept him company and played with lots of stuffed animals.

Finally discussed Huck Finn and somehow the conversation got onto abortion. The idea was that Huck felt himself to be doing wrong by freeing Jim because of what he naively understood about right and wrong from his Southern culture. Same kind of twisted moral values apply to abortion. Abortion is a right, yet it is deeply troubling because it is actually a wrong. And it twists and diseases the culture that upholds it.

Talked about Emily Dickinson and read some of her poetry.

Took Becky, Sean and Josh over to Blue Knights/Little Flowers. Little Flowers made those beads you make shapes with using an iron. Blue Knights - we talked about our skit about St. Patick for the upcoming talent show. Finally got dvd player to work so the boys could watch the Veggie Tales version of St. Patrick. Then the kids all played together.

Sean has really been practicing his piano pieces. He went through a few weeks where he wasn't but now he seems to be energized again and has been happily practicing on his own.

Played a new game with Becky called Shut the Box. We both enjoyed it. Very good for learning addition facts. Becky even played it on her own after dinner.

Will practiced lots of guitar today. Hannah took him to guitar lesson at 4:15 then she went to work at 5:30. She's closing tonight.

Made tacos for dinner and read the next chapter about Abe Lincoln in the book by Sterling North.

Sean went back to Castlevania. Not sure what Josh is doing. I need to get Josh and Sean studying for their Latin test retake.


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Which book by Sterling North? Didn't he write Rascal?

And you neglected to mention that it was the kids who figured out how to make that DVD player work...

The Bookworm said...

Shut the Box was a favourite with my older girls - for some reason it was always a game they played at Grandma's.

Faith said...

Sterling North did write Rascal which is one of my all time favorite books! But he also wrote a couple of biographies for the Landmark series of books.