Monday, February 23, 2009

Blogging this day 2/23

Thought I'd blog this day as it goes along.

  • Tried to get kids up at 8:30. By 9:45 everybody was up! Even Hannah!
  • Josh and Will met with math tutor
  • Becky and Sean did a little copy work. Becky finished the first verse of Robert Burn's My Luve is Like a Red, Red Rose. Sean copied over Rain by R.L. Stevenson. Both practiced memorizing. We listened to Mozart.
  • Read two stories from Devotional Stories for Little Folks Too.
  • Read about Thales from Mathematicians are People Too.
  • Read How Much is a Million
  • Josh and Sean were watching Castlevania plays on youtube
  • Becky found two Easter baskets and an old broom handle and with lots of scotchtape made a yoke so she could carry around stuff animals in the baskets.
  • Met with Hannah and planned out her week together.
  • Becky is currently making clothes for her stuffed animals by cutting up old rags, etc.
  • Sean practiced drawing his cartoons.
  • Reviewed Latin declensions with Sean
  • Sean played piano and wrote a little song
  • Becky opened the sofa bed and practiced gymnastics on it and played with Tillie
  • Will took a shower
  • Josh did his VIE grammar
  • Hannah took stew (she made it mostly last night) over to new mother in our group.
  • Took Sean to piano lessons; he's finished his books and needs to move up!
  • Will and Becky watched old Popeye cartoons
  • Did Latin with Josh, Will
  • Got Becky to take a bath and wash her hair (which was quite a feat!)
  • After dinner took Will and Sean to Music Theory class
  • Came home said prayer with Rick and all the family (even Hannah!)
  • Rick is starting the next book in the Prydain Chronicles
  • Hannah cleaned the kitchen for me!!!!!!
  • Hannah made crepe batter so we can have crepes for Shrove Tuesday breakfast!


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

I don't know why you're studying Burns - the man couldn't even spell.

Faith said...

I think it sounds more like luve if you say it with a Scottish brogue! l-u-u-u-v-e.