Sunday, March 1, 2009

7 vignettes

  • Hannah was around much more this week than she has been. It was wonderful. She helped around the house, made a beef stew for a mom who'd just had baby number six or seven. She said prayers with us at night. Very nice! She also spent all of Friday applying to the University of Dallas.
  • Will has decided he wants to go to Berklee College of Music in Boston. We are going to try to get him into the week long guitar camp there in August. If this happens we might be spending our vacation on the Massachusetts shore! That'll be fun, if it comes to pass.
  • Will's song Rock n Roll, won the best of season performance for the PGSOR competition. I don't know how may schools competed but the judges said they were 'flawless' in both technical skill and stage presence. I didn't go to the competition but Rick and Hannah did and Rick said William was the best one there. Of course, he is his father!
  • I miss Joshua dreadfully. He is on his confirmation retreat right now. He'll be back this afternoon. I hope he had a great time. I'm worried because it is snowing. I'm about to say a rosary for their safe return home.
  • Josh has started reading the Bartemaeus Trilogy. I remember Will liked those books so much at that age.
  • Sean and his friend Joseph starting writing a book together. But Sean really took off with the idea. He dictated the first two chapters of it to me last night. I think it's about a boy who doesn't like to read and especially hates fables and fairy tales but I think he is going to be magically taken up into a fairy tale and have lots of adventures. I think that is where the story is going. . . .to be con't!
  • Becky and Sean spent a couple of hours last night making up their own sign language. They never really talked about the sign language they learned this fall in the co-op, but they used some of those signs they learned and made up a lot more and were completely engrossed in this activity for a long time.

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