Friday, March 6, 2009

Daily Journal 3/6

  • Sent clickschooling link to H, W and J's e-mails. New York Times stories/cartoons from history for each date. Sent them the 3/6 one. This e-mail thing is new!
  • Said the rosary, Sean joined me on the last decade
  • H and W went to 6:15 a.m. teen mass. H came home and went back to sleep.
  • W read To Build a Fire by Jack London which he pronounced 'cool'
  • S got up and started making a Pivot animation
  • S also played piano a lot; trying to pick out this very complex video game tune. Very dissonant. Gets on my nerves but I'm trying to stifle it!
  • J got up and took a shower
  • B slept in, she was so grumpy yesterday I just couldn't wake her up early.
  • J played Paper Mario some
  • W fell asleep on the couch. I guess getting up at 5:30 a.m. was a bit too early for him!
  • Read Sunday's Mass readings to B, S & J
  • J read more Fabre's Insects and studied a bit for the rest of his Latin test
  • W played guitar
  • S and B recited their poetry.
  • B did a free write in which she drew a comic strip of kids playing on a playground and wrote dialogue in the speech bubbles.
  • S copied over a Dilbert comic strip for copy work. He's decided he doesn't like freewrites anymore because he can't think of anything to write and he doesn't know how to spell.
  • W supposedly is studying for second half of his Latin test but I hear him now playing jazz on the piano.
  • Went to noon Mass with B, S and J. J read his Bartimeous (sp?) book on the way there and back.
  • B informed me after Mass she wanted to become a saint. She had some change and and wanted to help the poor. We search all over for the poor box but there wasn't any so she'll just have to wait for the collection basket at church on Sunday.
  • J told me he wants to become an altar server. I'll have to look into that. I'm afraid of scheduling constraints. Gosh, aren't I shallow!
  • W and J are taking the rest of the Latin exam
  • S is working on his Pivot. He's frustrated; he wants to be better at animation. He wants to get Pivot 3 now.
  • B is watching Inspector Gadget.
  • Took J to his friends house to play.
  • While I was gone B made an oragami bird and then taped it up over my desk so it looked like it was flying. Very sweet gift!
  • She and W played the Princess and the dried apricot. We've been munching on dried apricots all day and he apparently re-enacted the story of the Princess and the Pea by stacking up all the couch cushions in the house and putting an apricot underneath. It seems B is a real princess!
  • Took Tillie for a walk. W walked around out back, S and B played with the neighbors and walked a bit with me. H went out with friends.
  • Made dinner, shrimp stir fry and rice.
  • After dinner went to Barnes and Noble and picked up some Test Prep workbooks plus another Georgette Heyer novel. B got a Fancy Nancy book. S a Pearls Before Swine. W bought me a Djingo Reinherdt (sp?) cd of gypsy jazz from the 20's and 30's. Very cool!
  • J wound up spending the night at his friend's house.
  • R read more to S and B from The Castle of Llyr

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SuburbanCorrespondent said...

You didn't share the link!

Head and Shoulders? Apocryphal....anyway, no fear - my kids would have to be scratching already for it to be contagious. I think we're okay, so far - I'm more worried about the next few weeks.