Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Daily Journal 3/18

  • Woke up with another headache . . . .
  • Finally felt better around 10 a.m.
  • Read Devotional Stories and Bible History (Noah or Noe as the Bible History spells it).
  • Sean read a chapter in The Mouse and the Motorcycle and practiced his poem for tomorrow's St. Joseph's Talent Show
  • Becky did some reading out of This is Our Family. Also we team-read (sorta) Mouse Soup.
  • Becky copied over another line of Who Has Seen the Wind?
  • Josh dawdled over his Voyages in English, sneak reading Laughter is the Best Medicine II (compilations of those funny Reader's Digest anecdotes) instead of focusing on his grammar
  • Hannah supposedly read her Government stuff as did Will
  • Will also practiced guitar a lot
  • Sean and Becky are creating pivot cartoons
  • Hannah did laundry
  • Took Will and Sean to VT; read A Rose for Emily while waiting
  • Hannah and Becky played outside, Beckly climbed too high in the tree and had to stay there until Will came home and could get her down!
  • Josh played videogames while we were gone but is now wandering around in the backyard
  • Hannah goes to work at 5; wonder if she could drop Will off for band practice?????
  • Tillie is having a blast guarding her 'sheep.' Josh is in the woodsy part of the backyard beyond the fence. Becky and Sean are in the front. So Tillie makes a round by running to the backyard fence then racing into the house via the pet door into the screen porch, through the opened sliding door and then into the living room and study to peer through the windows at the front yard. Then she turns around and does the whole thing over again, over and over again. She's very happy!
  • Becky played outside very happily. The weather is lovely after days of rain. She played in the fort, decorating it and fixing it up.
  • I. and her dad came over and hung the beautiful ikon that she painted for me and that Rick gave me for Christmas. It is so gorgeous!!!!
  • Hannah took Will to his band practice and then went to work.
  • Made fish tacos which were absolutely delicious but which no one, save myself, would eat.
  • Becky is watching the Kit movie for the 100th time.
  • Rick read to Becky and Sean
  • Josh read Basher 5-2 about Capt. Scott O'Grady and is now rereading Swiss Family Robinson

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