Monday, March 9, 2009

Daily Journal 3/9

  • W and J got up early to do math homework they hadn't gotten done over the weekend.

  • W and J worked with math tutor

  • S practiced piano. He's been playing so many of his own songs or songs he's picked out that I didn't notice he wasn't actually practicing what the teacher had asked. So he worked on that a good bit this a.m.

  • H successfully slept until noon

  • Read from Bible History - Fall of Our First Parents

  • S reviewed 1st and 2nd declensions then we watched Chapter 11 dvd for Prima Latina. S then decided to go back and see all the funny puppet skits.

  • Did a little lesson on fractions with S and B

  • S started reading The Sword in the Tree by Bulla

  • B decided she's a librarian so she's reshelving books in our study and making herself a desk where she can check out books.

  • H took a shower

  • W is working on his history timeline

  • H slipped out of the house without me knowing

  • B watched Bugs Bunny cartoons

  • Took S to piano lesson

  • Came home B and J were watching Chicken Run. They've been watching in little bits and pieces for a few days now.

  • H was back home

  • W is wandering around talking about how beautiful it is outside and how he wants to go somewhere

  • B and S played outside. B has roller blades on

  • J did his grammar and a little math while I was gone

  • I wrote out all the 1st conjugations which I learned a while ago but have since forgotten.
  • Took W and S to music theory, read Sylvester by GH in the car. So far Sylvester isn't grabbing me like the other books.

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SuburbanCorrespondent said...

I'm glad to see that H is honing her sleeping-in skills. Now what part of the curriculum would that be?